Only People with a High IQ Know the Capitals of These Obscure Countries

By Torrance Grey on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

How many stamps do you have in your passport? Or are you more of an armchair traveler/geography buff? Either way, you'll need a good memory to ace this quiz on the capitals of lesser-known nations. 

Of course, obscurity is relative -- some people are very familiar with the nations of South America, Asia, and Africa. But, let's face it -- many of us aren't that familiar with the globe outside our own western, first-world part of it. We might have heard of countries like Oman and Surinam, but finding them on a map is going to take a while -- not to mention coming up with the names of their capital cities. Even Europe has some "microstates" that many Westerners aren't familiar with (we're looking at you, Andorra). 

Among the countries that might give you trouble on this quiz are the "enclaved" states, like San Marino, city-states, like Singapore, and the many countries that are made up of island chains, like little-known Comoros. Other countries might be more familiar on the surface: Morocco, for example. But do you remember the name of its capital? (Hint: It's not Casablanca). 

OK, class, it's time to begin! Put your maps and atlases away, and tackle our 35-question quiz. Even if you don't do well, it might inspire you to plan a trip to the farther corners of the globe in the future!

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