Only Members of the High IQ Society Can Pass This Math Test

By Stella Alexander on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

What's your IQ? When you think about the important numbers in your life, there are quite a few. You might still remember your college GPA. Your credit score should be something you monitor on a regular basis. What about your IQ? While most people don't know their IQ, there's a select group of people who would fall into one of the high IQ societies. Would you?

While most people take IQ tests for fun, there's an elite group of people who take IQ tests to prove their intense aptitude for knowledge. Mensa International is one of the oldest high IQ societies, where you'd need to have an IQ of around 130. Although this might be the best-known IQ society, there are even more that have higher requirements for their members. Intertel requires an IQ of 135, while Triple Nine Society looks for the top 0.1% with an IQ of 146. If you want to consider the two top IQ societies, the Prometheus Society requires members to have an IQ of 160 while the Mega Society looks for an extremely high IQ of 172. 

IQ tests measure short-term memory, spatial recognition, analytical thinking and mathematical abilities. Math is often considered one of the hardest subjects in school, but clearly this would be no issue for a member of a high IQ society. Only members of the high IQ society can pass this math test. Can you prove that you should join the ranks? Let's find out!

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