Only Francophiles Can Translate These Basic French Phrases

By Olivia Cantor on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

BONJOUR! Today, we're taking a trip to France! One of the most spoken languages of the world, you'll hear French everywhere! From the basics of "please," and "how are you," only a Francophile can translate these French phrases. Can you?

French is one of the five romance languages. This means that the language is a derivation from vulgar Latin. Along with French, you'd find Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. While a lot differs between these languages, many things stay the same because their languages all have the same foundation. 

When it comes to native speakers, French is the 18th most spoken language around the world. With that said, there are around 75 million people who speak French as their first language. There are over 275 million people around the world who are fluent speakers.

French is such a common language that many of their words have been adopted into English. How would you go on a job interview without a resume? Would you be able to order at a restaurant without a menu? How do you ask someone to respond to a wedding invitation without an RSVP (Repondez S'il Vous Plait)? While all these words have been adopted into our language, could you translate the basic words and phrases that haven't?

Do you know what "Bonjour" means? What if we said "au revoir?" Only a Francophile could ace this quiz of basic French words and phrases. Is that you? Je ne sais pas! I guess we'll find out!

Are you ready? Commencez!

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