Only Expert Mechanics Can Get 100% On This Quiz! How Will You Do?

By Craig on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Chances are, the closest most people have gotten to the daily life of a mechanic is changing their own oil - and with a Jiffy Lube on every corner, even that is a big stretch for many people. But, you've found your way to this quiz, because we've promised you more than the basics of auto maintenance - you're looking to have your expert knowledge tested.

Since you're here, we'll assume that you're pretty darn knowledgeable about cars. You're the guy or gal who spends his weekends tweaking his or her car so that it runs just right. You're the person who keeps a project car on blocks in the garage. If this is the case, you know the answers to questions such as "what is the best viscosity oil to use in your car", "what important component under the hood will rotate an engine just enough to get it rotating on its own", and "what part of the engine ensures that high voltage moves through the coil of the ignition and reaches the spark plugs, making them fire in the right sequence"?

If you know the answers to these questions, and you think you know more, take this quiz to prove it. Let's get started!

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