Only an Auto Shop Genius Can Name All of These Garage Tools From a Single Sentence

By Craig on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

A wrench is a wrench is a wrench, except when it isn't. In fact, a wrench isn't just a wrench; it's a necessary and specific tool in the arsenals of master mechanics. Do you know the difference between wrenches and other garage tools? Take this quiz to see if you know what to use when.

Look, we all know that, in some cases, a butter knife will suffice in place of a screwdriver, but if you intend to do the job right, you'll need the right tools. This is why serious mechanics have a host of tools that look a lot alike in the eyes of the untrained. And, we're not just talking about fixing cars, here. The average garage is filled with a multitude of tools designed to perform a multitude of tasks. So, whether you're a car enthusiast, a gardener, or a sportsman (or all three!), your garage is the spot where you store all of your tools. And, whether you are digging, cutting, planting, rebuilding, or polishing, you know the exact tool for the job. We've compiled a list of thirty-five tools for this quiz, based on the most common implements for basic jobs.

Let's find out how much you know about the tools you might find in a garage!

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