Only an Auto Expert Can Diagnose These Engine Problems. Can You?

By Steven Symes on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you regularly whisper to car engines? Are people constantly asking you to help them figure out what's wrong with their ride? 

Being able to diagnose engine problems requires you to first know a lot about engines. After all, you can't figure out the cause of a problem if you don't know how things run. Most people know how to diagnose a few simple problems, but being able to correctly diagnose all kinds of engine trouble requires a huge amount of practical knowledge. 

More modern engines often require even more knowledge and equipment to properly diagnose. While a shop can hook the car up to diagnostic equipment and pinpoint a problem with ease, some issues still require mechanics to act like detectives. There are always strange, obscure and particularly vexing engine problems out there, which can puzzle even some of the most experienced in the field. These are often the subjects of discussion on automotive radio shows, forums and websites for mechanics. 

How would you fare at diagnosing engine problems? Are you a pro? Take the quiz now to find out! 

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