Only an Animal Expert Can Get All of These Questions Right. Can You?

By Monica Lee on February 21, 2018

About This Quiz

A shrimp that can break aquarium glass. A whale whose cry is louder than a rocket leaving the launch pad. Cockroaches who refuse to drown. The animals around us are so amazing that this quiz couldn't describe them all. But can you identify them all? Test your expert knowledge. Find out how well you know the fantastical creatures that roam the earth. You'll find representatives from the sky, the sea, the jungles, the woods, your neighborhood, the microscopic world and much more. Will you be able to select all the correct answers? There is only one way to find out. Take the quiz right now. 

The tallest, the bravest, the fastest, the slowest. Do you know which animals these are? Ever heard of the fish that can shoot prey on land from its "pea-shooter" mouth? Or the Water Bear that can survive in the vacuum of space and radiation? It's important to know all about these animals and learn from their unique abilities in order to advance our own. Whether you're a hobbyist or expert, you'll love learning about the wild and wonderful animals in this quiz. Take it now and add to your knowledge. Just click the button below to begin.

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