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How many trips have you taken to places around the world? Even if you've never left your home country, you probably still know a thing or two about the world around you! A little geography, history and general knowledge can take you a long way. How many facts do you know about the world?

Can you name the sea with no coast? What about the country that has a spherical coin? Think you know the city that is home to just one stop sign? Where would you find the "Door to Hell"? There are some interesting facts from around the globe that may stump you!

Do you know which country is called the "Land of the Blue Sky"? What about the country that has no natural sand? Can you name a large attraction found in Istanbul? Do you know where you would find the Sahara Desert? Brush up on your geography to make sure that you ace this quiz!

Geography experts and trivia champs, put all that knowledge together and get a good score to prove it. If you think you know everything about the world around you, then this one is for you. Take the quiz to see how well you know your stuff!

Where would you find most of the world's freshwater?

Most of the world's freshwater is in the frozen glaciers found throughout the world. It amounts to over half of the freshwater in the world.


Which sea has no coast?

The Sargasso Sea, which is found in the Atlantic Ocean, is completely engulfed in water, meaning that it has no coast. The sea is known for its abundance of seaweed.


Which island was the subject of conflict between Bangladesh and India?

New Moore caused conflict between the countries over its ownership. The conflict ended after the island became submerged in water and they no longer fought over it.


Which country does not use the metric system?

The United States does not use the metric system, but they instead use something called the customary units. The differences are that instead of kilometers, they use miles and instead of centimeters they use inches.


Which of the following places does not have any natural sand?

Guam does not have any natural sand, meaning that they have to resort to other methods. The country instead uses coral as a substitute.


In which country do the desert and sea touch?

The desert and the sea connect in Namibia, which is a quite unusual sight. The dry sand of the Namib Desert quickly turns into the blue color of the Atlantic Ocean.


Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

Canada is home to the longest coastline in the world, which spans over 200,000 kilometers. The country touches three oceans, the Arctic, the Atlantic and the Pacific.


Which country does not follow the Gregorian calendar?

Ethiopia does not follow the Gregorian Calendar, but instead they follow the Coptic Calendar. Did you know that the Coptic Calendar has 13 months rather than 12?


Where in the world is Nian believed in?

In China, there is a creature named Nian that citizens believe in. It is part of Chinese mythology which describes the creature as a beast that comes around during the New Year.


Where would you find the oldest restaurant in the world?

The oldest restaurant in the world is found in Madrid, Spain. It's called Sobrino de Botín and it's existed since the early eighteenth century.


Which country is completely surrounded by another country?

San Marino is completely surrounded by the larger country of Italy. The small country only covers an area of 61 kilometers with an equally small population of just over 30,000.


What is unique about Kiribati?

The country Kiribati touches every hemisphere in the world. It is a series of islands that stretches throughout a small part of the Pacific Ocean.


The Sahara Desert covers most of which country?

The Sahara Desert covers most of the country of Libya. The desert itself runs through over 10 countries in Africa, which include Algeria and Morocco.


Which place has no rivers?

Saudi Arabia has no rivers, but they instead have something that they refer to as "wadis." The wadis are dry beds that are able to fill up with rain water.


Which of the following countries is one of the smallest in the world?

Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world beside Vatican City, as it only covers 2 kilometers. It also has a very small population of 34,000 people.


Which country has a coin in the shape of a sphere?

Niue is known for having some unique currency such as the spherical coin. It was introduced in 2015 and represented the Seven Wonders of the World.


Where would you find the "Door to Hell"?

The "Door to Hell" is located in Turkmenistan. It was created after being set on fire by workers who discovered it, and it has been burning ever since.


Where would you find the Imperial House?

The Imperial House is in Japan and it is home to the Yamato family who have been in power since 660 A.D. Did you know that the Yamato family have had 125 family members who served as emperor?


What dog was named after a Mexican city?

The Chihuahua was named after the Mexican city of the same name. It is thought that the tiny dogs originated in Mexico as they have appeared in drawings and writings throughout history.


"Gross National Happiness" is used where?

Gross National Happiness is used in Bhutan, whose residents hold its importance over anything else. Did you know that part of the Himalayas are located in Bhutan?


Which of the following would you find in Istanbul?

The Grand Bazaar is located in Istanbul. It is one large market full of everything you can imagine, with countless vendors and customers.


Toronto once boasted the longest what?

Toronto was once home to the longest street in the world, Yonge Street. Although the street is still there, the record has since been taken away.


Which continent boasts the largest and tallest animals?

Africa is home to the elephant, the largest land animal and giraffe, the tallest land animal in the world. Did you know that giraffes are only found on the continent?


If you wanted to visit the Dingo Fence, where would you be going?

The Dingo Fence is an extremely long fence in Australia which is meant to keep dingos on one side. The fence has existed since the late 1800s.


If you want to go to the most populated country on Earth, where would you be off to?

China is the most populated country on Earth with over 1.3 billion people who call it home. The country surpasses even the next largest populated countries by a long way.


Where would you go to find some mysterious statues?

Easter Island is home to some mysterious statues that were carved in the past. They are known for their big heads, but did you know that they also have bodies?


In which country is seaweed soup served for a birthday?

Instead of a cake, South Korea opts for seaweed soup to celebrate a birthday. Eating the birthday soup is also a thanks to your mother who gave birth to you.


The harp is the symbol of which country?

The harp is the symbol of Ireland, as it is part of their long history. It is a gold harp that can be found on the country's Coat of Arms.


In which US state would you not see a billboard?

Hawaii does not have any billboards because they're simply not legal in the state. There are only three other states that also abide by this rule.


What is the highest mountain in Taiwan?

Yushan is the highest mountain in Taiwan at over 12,000 feet. The mountain is located in a park that also goes by the same name.


Indonesia is home to the world's largest what?

You would find the largest flower in the world, known as Rafflesia arnoldi in Indonesia. The flower can grow to be 3 feet in diameter and it has a large hole in the middle.


Which city has only one stop sign?

Paris, France only has one stop sign in the entire city as all drivers understand who gets the right of way. Did you know that the River Seine flows through the city?


What country is named the "Land of the Blue Sky"?

Mongolia is named the "Land of the Blue Sky" because of its cloudless skies. The country's landscape is diverse, going from dense cityscapes to rocky terrain.


Which of the following would you find in Sweden?

Sweden is home to an ice hotel that actually allows visitors to stay there. The hotel has been rebuilt every winter since its first year in 1989.


Where would you find heated sidewalks?

Reykjavik has heated sidewalks that are heated by the water found underground. The water is heated by nearby volcanoes and then runs through pipes underneath the sidewalk.


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