Only a True Handyman Can Identify All of These Tools. Can You?

By Olivia C. on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Being a handyman -- regardless if you're a man or a woman -- is a feat that anyone could try their hand at. 

Think of the handyman as a jack (or a jill!) of all trades. If you like doing things yourself instead of calling a specific "expert" in their field, then you can try your hand at being a handyman. It's easy if you're highly interested in fixing small stuff around your house on your own.

Perhaps anyone who has had some experience living on their own, outside of their parents' house, has tried being a handyman one way or another. Toilet flush not working? Just lift the lid and tinker away there! Sink or faucet malfunctioning? Then try swiping one of your handy tools and try to fix the small leak yourself. Or how about small electrical problems with lighting? Small efforts and knowledge, thanks to science and gut feel, could do the trick!

But we mostly know our handyman as being handy with carpentry needs around the house. Aside from the small plumbing and electrical problems, a handyman can also look at some technical problems with small appliances. Painting needs could also be handled the same way. See, now you understand how all these trades could make up one: being a handyman!

So for those of you out there who have had this experience in your lives, try taking this quiz and have fun identifying the tools of the handyman trade!

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