Only a True Dog Lover Can Get All of These Questions Right. Can You?

By Mark Lichtenstein on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

A house is a house, but a house with a dog is a home. Having a dog in your home is good for you on every conceivable level. Firstly, it's a free burglar alarm. Your dog will also keep you warm, protect you, cheer you up when you're sad, celebrate with you when you're happy, and watch whatever TV program you choose without ever complaining or hogging the remote. Your dog will even keep you healthy: dog owners, especially older ones, report lower cholesterol, stronger hearts, and fewer heart attacks than people without dogs. Dogs also reduce the odds of children developing allergies. Sometimes -- as in the case of dogs who called for help or even dialed 911 in emergencies -- your dog can literally save your life. Dogs will teach children to be selfless and they teach all of us about unconditional love.

Given all that they do for us, then, it's only fair that we should love and cherish our dogs, and also that we should take the time to know about them. We can be better owners and companions to our dogs, and help them be their best for us when we know their purpose, their preferences, and their personalities. Let's see how well you know your canine basics!

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