Do You Know All Of These Motoring World Records?

By: Steven Symes
Image: Whitesse JR

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Do you read Guinness World Record results religiously? Are you always taking note of the latest motoring records being set? 

World records have a certain allure, both for those who strive to set them, and people who like to watch the attempts or read up on them. Being the first to do something, or edging out a previous record to set a new one can be exhilarating, almost like beating an opponent in a flat-out race around a track. We usually hear about the successful attempts, but remember there are just as many, if not more, attempts that fall short.  

Of course, there are the more traditional records, like the fastest-accelerating production car, lap records for famous laps, and the most horsepower produced by a production engine, to name a few. Those are fun and interesting to follow, and sometimes the successful attempts make their way into mainstream news. But if that's all you're sticking to, you're definitely missing out. There are plenty of records relating to vehicles, including some that are just plain strange, like eating a certain amount of cheese while under a car. 

Test your knowledge of the many motoring world records by taking this quiz right now! 

What car company set a production car top speed record in November of 2017?

What SUV pulled a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to set an electrified towing record?

What was the reaction of the previous record holder for the most cars sold in a year when a new record was set?

What car set the land speed record in 1997?

What brand set the hybrid car acceleration world record in 2011?

What was the cheapest new car ever sold?

What Guinness World Record does Michele Pilia hold?

What automaker holds the record for world's largest billboard?

What famous event has the official record of the most participants in a car race?

What British car set a lap record on the world's longest ice track?

How many people fit in a new VW Beetle to set the record?

What's the current record for the most cars performing donuts simultaneously?

What's the record number of questions asked by a driver through a drive-through intercom?

How many cars participated in what's officially the largest synchronized car dance?

What's the top speed of the fastest bumper car in the world?

What's the standing record for the longest wheelie?

Who holds​ the record for the most Furbys driven in a car at once?

What brand of vehicle was used to set the longest test drive relay record?

What's the longest time on record for someone to be driving in the same roundabout?

How many car brands did a 2 and a half-year-old​ identify to set the record?

What's the current record for the most people inside a minivan at the same time?

What car was used to set the tightest parallel parking job on record?

What's the current record for the longest car?

What driver holds the record for the longest rally car jump?

From what country is the record holder for the longest distance to jump a Crown Victoria?

What is the official record for the number of people to fit in a classic Mini at once?

Where was the record for the most green traffic lights driven through consecutively set?

What's the record number of times someone has kissed a car in 30 seconds?

What's the size of the largest Hot Wheels collection in the world?

What kind of car was used to set the record for the fastest time to undecorate a Christmas tree?

What the current record number of U-turns made in a car in two minutes?

What's the quickest someone has buckled themselves into five seats inside a car?

What's the record for most countries visited by car in a 24-hour period?

Which German brand set a Guinness record for the greatest distance vehicle drift in eight hours?

Where is the world's longest car wash located?

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