Only a True Animal Lover Can Ace This Quiz

By Zoe Samuel on April 26, 2018

About This Quiz

There are many thousands upon thousands of animal species on this planet, and while we may think we know them all fairly well, even an experienced veterinarian really only knows the ones they deal with all the time. Animals belong to the kingdom Animalia, which is the second-highest taxonomic rank (the highest being a domain). Animalia includes all vertebrate and invertebrate animals, including the ones who crawl, fly, swim and run. We humans also have less formal classifications for animals: pets, pests, prey, predators, farmyard animals, food, and so on. We find it absolutely abhorrent to eat certain animals, usually because they're cute, friendly, companions, or perhaps because they're getting increasingly rare and we want to protect them.

However, we don't always know too much about these feathery, furry, scaly, and other friends who share our homes, wind up on our plates, or simply engage our attention as we go out and about in the world. Anyone can own a dog, but only a true dog-lover knows all about a dog's health needs. Anyone can eat a cow without knowing how many stomachs it has. So click through and let's see how well you know the animals that fill our lives!

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