Only a General Can Ace This Military Ranks Quiz!

By Heather Cahill on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

The military is made up of five different branches, which each have their own ranks. Without the ranks, the order of the military may be completely different. Ranks are used to identify and simplify the structure to make everything run smoothly. Let's find out just how well you know them!

Do you know what rank a First Shirt is? Do you know what the insignias for Fleet Admiral or Private First Class look like? Can you name a rank that no longer exists within the Navy? If you knew those, can you tell us what "S-1" stands for? You'll need to know the history and slang used for different ranks in the military to ace this quiz!

Do you know a few famous people who served in the military and what their ranks were? What about the branch in which you find the Master Gunnery Sergeant? Can you tell which rank is highest out of the four options given? You might be surprised about a few famous faces that served and protected the country!

So, if you know a Private from a Corporal, or a Seaman Recruit from a Staff Officer, you might have what it takes to ace this one. Take the quiz to see how well you really know your military ranks!

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