Only a Car Expert Can Identify These Cars From Their Headlights! Can You?

By Craig on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

A car is approaching you on a dark, desert highway. As it moves closer, you can't help but notice that the distinctive headlights of the vehicle give it away. What kind of car is it? Take this quiz to find out if you could identify any car just from its headlights!

These days, many vehicles have LED headlights, and, let's be honest, those hurt. But, if you can keep your eyes on the approaching vehicle long enough or if you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of these cars during the day, you might just notice that the headlights are so distinctive that they are easily identifiable as being part of that car. We've all found ourselves being impressed by such a small part of a car. After all, that's why car designers get paid the big bucks. Car headlights are not just functional, they're part of the overall picture of the vehicle.

Remember the pop-up headlights? Although you don't see them very often anymore, these headlights were well known for getting stuck in the wrong position, leaving the driver with a one-eyed view of the road at night. Maybe that's why they're not widely used any longer.

Take this quiz to find out how many of these cars you can identify from their headlights!

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