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African elephants or Asian elephants, they're both gentle giants that are important to the world. They're found in many countries, although they are not far from being endangered. These animals are complex and empathetic, known for their rituals and almost human-like ways. Which type of elephant is your favorite – the African elephant or the Asian elephant?

Do you know how many babies a pregnant mother elephant has? What about the name of the group that elephants travel in? Maybe you can name a few of the sounds these animals make? What about their lifespan in the wild or in captivity? There is a lot to know about these beautiful animals, so make sure to brush up on your elephant knowledge!

Do you know the main senses that an elephant uses? Do you know who leads the group of elephants? Do you know what action an elephant can't do? Do you know which animal is the closest relation to the elephant? Elephants are unique animals that are unlike any other animals on the planet.

Elephants are amazing animals that are important to the ecosystem. Without them, the world would be a very different place. So, if you think you're an expert on this land giant, take the quiz to see your score!

How many species of elephants are there?

There are two species of elephants in the world, the African elephant, and the Asian elephant. The African elephant is the bigger of the two.


How many calves does a pregnant female have?

An elephant will typically have one calf. Twin calves are possible but on extremely rare occasions. Calves are around 200 pounds at the time of their birth.


What are a group of elephants called?

A group of elephants is called a herd. The herd is made up of many females and young males who haven't yet left. Males tend to live alone or in small, temporary groups with other males.


What do elephants use to greet each other?

Elephants use their trunks to greet each other. As elephants are intelligent and empathetic animals, touch is important to them when interacting with others.


Is it true or false that an elephant has sensitive skin?

This is true. An elephant protects its sensitive skin by covering itself in the mud. The mud protects its skin from the sun, which can be quite painful for them.


Who is the head of the elephant herd?

The oldest female is the head of a herd of elephants. She helps to take care of the young and she leads the herd. This elephant is typically referred to as the "matriarch."


What is a female elephant called?

A female elephant is called a cow. A male is known as a bull and the baby is a calf. Other animals that share these names are moose, giraffes and whales.


What does a calf do to keep up with its mother?

A calf will hold the tail of its mother to keep up with her. Elephants are known to walk in single file lines when traveling in the herd.


What do elephants do to keep themselves cool?

Elephants shoot water out of their trunks to keep themselves cool. Their ears are another mechanism that helps to cool them down in the heat.


Is it true or false that the Asian elephant is endangered?

This is true. The Asian elephant is endangered, with less than 50,000 of them left in the world. The African elephant, on the other hand, holds a vulnerable status.


Which of the following does an elephant eat?

Elephants love to eat grass and other plants as they are herbivores. Did you know? It's a myth that elephants enjoy peanuts, they would much rather eat a piece of sugarcane.


At what age do elephants mature?

Elephant mature at the age of 14. Once they've become mature, they are able to mate and reproduce with one another. Mating rituals usually include caressing each other's trunks and other forms of contact.


What does an elephant have?

Elephants have extremely good memories. They can remember areas they've been too, people they've encountered and deceased members of their herd years later.


In which of these countries would you find the Asian elephant?

Asian elephants can be found in Nepal. Asian elephants are the smaller of the two species, and they don't have very much hair, unlike the African elephants.


Is it true or false that elephants can pick up extremely tiny objects with their trunks?

This is true. Elephants can pick up very small items with their trunks, despite their massive size. Their trunks can change shape at the end to account for size.


What makes a male elephant attractive to a female?

A male's tusks can make him more attractive to a female. The larger his tusks are, the more attractive he will be to females. The use of calls is also important to the mating rituals of elephants.


What is an elephant's lifespan?

An elephants lifespan is about 70 years. Wild elephants tend to live longer than those in captivity, and Asian elephants typically have a shorter lifespan as well.


Which of these senses is the strongest on an elephant?

An elephant's sense of smell is the strongest of all of these senses. Their sense of touch is also impeccable, as they can feel even the slightest touch on their skin.


What can't an elephant do?

An elephant is unable to jump. They are also unable to do things like gallop because of their large bodies and heaviness. However, they do enjoy swimming and do so frequently!


Is it true or false that elephants have dominant tusks?

This is true. Elephants have a dominant tusk that they use more frequently similar to the way we have dominant hands. If you want to know which tusk on an elephant they use more, it is typically the one that is the most worn down.


What do elephants use to sense rumbles in the ground?

Elephants use their feet to sense the rumbles in the ground. Elephants can both hear and feel these rumbles, which other elephants make to communicate.


The elephant is the national animal of which country?

The elephant is the national animal of Thailand. There are elephants that live in Thailand, but there are not very many. It is estimated that there are less than 2,000 in the country.


Which elephant is famous for being the oldest living elephant in the world?

Lin Wang was the oldest living elephant in the world. The elephant lived to be 86 years old and passed away at the Taipei Zoo.


What do poachers kill elephants for?

Poachers kill elephants for their tusks. Tusks are extremely valuable for their ivory, and it has become even more valuable than gold.


Is it true or false that elephants are afraid of mice?

This is false. Elephants are not afraid of mice as they are usually portrayed to be in media. However, elephants are afraid of bees!


An elephant is which of the following?

The elephant is the largest land animal in the world. When it comes to the largest animal in the world, the elephant gets knocked back a few spots by marine animals such as the blue whale.


What do elephants have that most other animals don't?

Elephants have a chin, unlike most other animals. An elephant's chin is set up differently than the human chin, but it is still present.


Baby elephants are born with a bad sense of what?

Baby elephants are born with a bad sense of sight. Elephants have a bad sense of sight as adults as well, but baby elephants experience this worse than they will as adults.


Which animal is the closest relation to the elephant?

A rock hyrax is the elephant's closest relation. Although these two animals don't seem related in any way, they do have their similarities.


Is it true or false that elephants have the longest gestation period of any animal?

This is true. Female elephants are pregnant for a period of 22 months, or almost 2 years. After this period, they typically give birth to one calf.


Which sense is bad on an elephant?

Sight is bad on an elephant and therefore they don't rely on it as much. Closer objects will always be easier for an elephant to see than something very far.


What do elephants have that many animals cannot experience at the same capacity?

Elephants can experience a vast array of emotions unlike many other animals on the planet. Elephants are capable of feeling grief, happiness anger and many more emotions.


What is a "trumpet?"

A trumpet is a sound that an elephant makes with its trunk. When an elephant trumpets, it can mean many different things. They could be happy, angry or looking for another elephant.


What do farmers use to keep elephants from their crops?

Farmers use beehives to keep elephants away from their crops that they love to eat. Elephants are afraid of bees which is why this method works well.


Which television show gave away an elephant as a prize?

"The Price Is Right" gave an elephant away on their television show. Although it was meant to be a gag prize, the winner really wanted their elephant and they got it!


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