Only 6% of People Know All of These Dog Facts. Do You?

By Torrance Grey on February 13, 2018

About This Quiz

Dogs: Where would we be without them? (Changing a lot more litter boxes, that's where!) From working livestock herders to contented companion animals, there's a tremendous amount of variety in the domestic dog. Which means there's a lot to know about them, too.

For example, do you know how long it's been since the first wolves began to keep company with humans, and started evolving into dogs? Or what drew those dogs to human settlements in the first place? Do you know which breed's name means "badger dog," or which one started life herding cattle before becoming, recently, the internet's favorite dog breed? Or which one was created to protect a German tax collector on his rounds?

Pretty much every civilization on the planet has bred its own kind of dog. They appear in art, are referred to in mythology and religious works and, nowadays, compete for honors at the world's top dog shows. Let's face it, the domestic dog might have a more interesting history than humans ourselves. Certainly, they've got more genetic variety, thanks to thousands of years of selective breeding. If you're ready to prove yourself a master of all subjects dog-related, sharpen your pencil (OK, your memory), and take our 35-question quiz!

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