Only 6% of People Can Identify These Dog Breeds from a Bunch of Cute Pictures. Can You?

By J.P. Naomi on March 23, 2018

About This Quiz

Want to make a friendly wager? We bet you can't make it through this dog breed quiz without saying, "Awww!" at least three times! Ready to give a dog a bone? It's time to see how well you know some of the most popular, not to mention cutest, dog breeds out there!

So exactly how many dog breeds are there in the world? Well, that depends on who you talk to... The World Canine Organization, or FCI, currently recognizes 332 breeds with eleven more provisional breeds. The American Kennel Club, however, says nope, there are only 187 breeds of dog! Well, no matter what anyone says, there are plenty for future pet owners to choose from! But where, oh where, do you begin!

You see, dogs range in size from mini to very large. They range in color from black to white to yellow and brown! They range in personality from intelligent to sociable. Now decide if you want a working dog, a guard dog, a toy dog, a hound, a retriever or terrier! When it comes down to it, the options are unlimited. At the end of the day, it all comes down to which dog makes you go, "Awww"... and there you have it.. your new best friend!

So what do you say? Are you ready to name that breed? Or will you let the dog eat your homework? It's time to get started... On your bark, get set, go!

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