Only 2% of People Will Ace This World Capitals Drill

By Stella Alexander on May 10, 2018

About This Quiz

You can't "Rome" around forever! "Ankara" yourself down and take this quiz! While you might be familiar with many of the countries around the world, knowing their capitals is a step harder. From the largest economic powers to even the small islands in Oceania, only 2% of people could ace this world capitals drill. Can you?

While the continents often bring up a few question marks depending on the generation you ask, there's very distinct regions of the world. You have the Americas with North and South. There's Europe, Asia and the ambiguous strip of land between them. There's Africa, Australia and the islands that fall in what many call Oceania. Within these regions and throughout the world, you'd find 193 that are part of the UN. This doesn't include the religious states of Vatican City and Palestine. Added to this list, you'd also have Taiwan, Kosovo, Northern Cyprus and more. Each of these countries comes with their national capital. And while many of these countries have one capital, you'll find a few with two and South Africa with three. When it comes to all the world capitals, can you remember them? Let's hope they're drilled into your head enough to ace this drill! Are you ready? Let's find out!

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