Only 2% of People Can Correctly Identify These Extraterrestrial Movies. Can You?

By: Kennita Leon
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Life on other planets is a notion that has been explored by many people - some of which include movie directors. They've put their aliens into movies and it's your job to guess the right one. Are you up for it?

This film features billionaire Charles Bishop Weyland and a team of scientists, drillers and archaeologists who visit Antarctica to investigate a mysterious heat signal near a pyramid site. Soon enough, not only do they find human and alien remains, but three young predators whose transition into manhood involves a deadly hunting ritual with humans as the target. This film was the first in the "Alien vs. Predator" franchise.

This 2009 film, set in 2154, introduces us to the land of Pandora, the native Na’vi and the humans who travel to the colony in search of a rare ore. The battle between the two is captivating as the humans remain persistent on their journey and the Na’vi refuse to allow their colony to be disturbed. "Avatar" was written by the author of "Titanic," James Cameron, but outranked the romance film to became the highest grossing film of all time and the first film to gross more than $2 billion.

A genetically modified boy from the doomed planet of Krypton is sent to planet Earth for his safety. The movie follows Kal-el's journey into adulthood, his discovery of his extraordinary powers and his use of them to save Earth from other survivors of Krypton, intent on destroying Kal-el’s new home.

This film is set in 1972 Alaska. A large number of missing persons are reported yearly, much to the bewilderment of the FBI, who are unable to solve the mysteries. A local psychologist counselling the distraught families uncovers evidence of alien abduction - the most disturbing testimonies of all time. Though the film was a huge success, many were offended by the content, which features real-life stories of missing people.

Award-winning actor Tom Cruise plays a character who died during an intense battle of humans against aliens that have invaded the Earth, threatening to take over. He portrays a futuristic solider trying to warn his counterparts while constantly reliving his dying day. The action-packed film earned over $370 million worldwide.

The movie follows the search for an American submarine which has sunk in the Caribbean waters. Initially, the Americans believe that the Russians have tampered have with the vessel, but they soon discover an extra-terrestrial interference. The visual effects were astounding and the movie won the 1990 Academy Award in that category.

A brutal thunderstorm traps the residents of a small town inside their local supermarket. Soon, fear and panic propels everyone into survival mode, as they are attacked by creatures prowling in the mist. The box office hit explores the measures people would take to survive the most terrifying encounters.

Seymour, a young florist, buys a new plant for the shop that he soon discovers has a unique appetite for human blood. Seymour and his crush, Audrey, battle against the eerie appetite of the demanding plant that threatens to take over the world. Initially, "Little Shop of Horrors" was a musical that was featured on Broadway and many community productions, before it was adapted into a film.

In a small town in Ohio, an unexpected train crash is captured on film by a group of teenagers shooting their own low-budget movie. Strange events and disappearances follow, and the locals soon suspect an alien interference. Two of the actors, Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning, were praised for their impressive performances and received a Saturn Award and a Spotlight Award respectively.

Dangerous aliens that have invaded planet Earth are relentlessly pursued by two bounty hunters as they wreak havoc in a rural community. Though it was denied, many believed that this film was inspired by the movie "Gremlins" - released two years earlier by another producer, Joe Dante. "Critters" was only a small success, earning over $13 million in the box office as compared to its $2 million budget.

A group of friends vacationing at a cabin are met with ill fortune as they are hunted down by aliens in a life-or-death struggle. The film, however, performed poorly. Reception of the film thus far has been predominantly negative, with a plurality of reviews citing cliché scenes and overall mediocrity.

When the ex-wife of Ray Ferrier, a dockworker, drops his children off for a visit, the area experiences inexplicable lightning strikes that soon lead to the beginning of an alien invasion. Ferrier tries desperately to protect his children as they struggle to survive alongside a battle between aliens and humanity. This successful movie was filmed in only 73 days with top secrecy, to prevent any leaks to the media.

After being chastised for a previous investigation, two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, are thrown into a dangerous conspiracy cover-up operation surrounding a deadly virus with seemingly extra-terrestrial origin. The two set out on a hazardous journey to discover the truth and origin of the virus. The film is based on a television series of the same name and many critics viewed it as a mere extension of the franchise, instead of a movie on its own.

Brought together by S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Nick Fury, a team of superheroes, Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, the Black Widow and Hawkeye, must overcome their differences and work as a team to protect the Earth from invasion by perpetuated by Thor’s brother Loki. "The Avengers," also known as "Marvel’s The Avengers," earned over $1.5 billion.

Two hundred years after her death on Fiorina 161, Ellen Ripley is revived as a powerful human/alien hybrid clone by a team of scientists. She must now once again continue her war against aliens and save the Earth from impending doom. The film received mixed reviews.

A team of explorers, led by two young scientists, travel across the universe, following a clue that they hope would lead them to discover human’s true origin. However, after finding a structure on a distant moon, they soon realize they are not prepared for the unimaginable terror and danger they have discovered. The storyline of this movie precedes the 1979 film "Alien: Resurrection," also written by the same author as "Prometheus" - Ridley Scott.

A few days before Fourth of July celebrations and twenty years after an initial alien invasion, satellite engineer David Levinson observes a seemingly alien mother ship that is approaching Earth. This time, the Earthly nations are prepared for battle, with technology acquired in the previous invasion. This film is a sequel to Independence Day, released in 1996.

Professor Daniel Jackson joins forces with a retired Army Colonel, Jack O'Neil, to unlock the code of an interstellar gateway that transports them to a world similar to ancient Egypt. With no knowledge on how to return, they must battle the worshiped ruler Ra, who holds the key to their escape. While many enjoyed the story line and its characters, others disliked it for those components - resulting in mixed reviews for the film.

A civil war between two robot clans rages on as the Earth and humanity are dragged into an ancient Cybertronian conflict. The evil Decepticons travel to earth to seek the key to an ultimate power held by a teenage boy, Sam Witwicky, now allied and protected by the good and heroic Autobots.

In an attempt to replenish the supply of air on depleted planet Spaceball, the planet’s leader orders Dark Helmet to kidnap Princess Vespa. The princess, who hails from the oxygen-rich nation of Druidia, is held as ransom in exchange for air, with only Lone Star and his dog as friends. The 1987 film is a parody of other science fiction movies, such as "Star Trek," "Alien" and "Star Wars."

An alien takes the form of a young woman, who then travels through Scotland, seeking and killing humans. The woman, portrayed by actress Scarlett Johansson, embarks on a path of self-discovery and disturbing encounters. Even though the film was a box office failure at $7 million, it received rave reviews by critics and Johansson was credited for her performance.

Young high-school graduate Johnny Rico is encouraged to join the military in order to gain citizenship. The young soldier and his friends soon fight against the bug aliens of Klendathu to save their planet. The film was a great success - it was nominated for Best Visual Effects at the Academy Awards in 1998 and is rated at 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The reboot of this film came out in 2008. Soon after the end of World War II, an alien called Klaatu visits Earth with his powerful robot, Gort, with an importance message to deliver to the human world. Communication is thwarted and Klaatu must find another one to fulfill his mission. The 1951 version was highly regarded by many and was added to the National Film Registry for preservation purposes.

Numerous forces unite against monsters emerging from a portal in the Pacific Ocean. The battle, which continues for years, claims the lives of millions, and two men is recruited to rescue mankind. The film earned over $100 million in China alone and a sequel is set to be released in 2018.

In this final episode of the "Star Wars" series, Han solo survives his near death experience from "The Empire Strikes Back." Along with his comrades, he continues on his mission to rid the galaxy of Darth Vader, the Emperor and all their evil plots. The film grossed over $572 million worldwide and inspired many adaptions over the past two decades.

When twelve spaceships suddenly arrive on Earth, a linguist lecturer at a university is called upon to assist in interpreting the language of the strangers. The film was praised for its predominant theme of attempting to communicate with aliens, rather than destroying them. It has been regarded as one of the best films of 2016, with numerous accolades, including Academy and Golden Globe nominations for Best Picture and Best Actress, among others.

Aliens from Mars (the Martians) invade Earth with their mighty weapons and begin to perform evil acts for their own amusement. This comic sci-fi film earned numerous nominations at the Saturn Awards and is rated at 52% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the Sonoran Desert, an elderly man has a unique experience with U.F.O.s that changes his life entirely. The movie describes his experiences and the efforts of the authorities to find logical answers to strange events. The film was a major success - it grossed over $300 million worldwide against its $20 million budget and received numerous awards, then it was enhanced and released in 2017, 40 years after its initial release.

A colony ship, traveling to a remote planet with over 2,000 occupants, encounters difficulties and stumbles upon another planet nearby. Their detour soon turns deadly as the occupants fight the alien species on this new planet. The film earned over $230 million worldwide and has gained favorable reviews from critics.

A fleet of marines join forces to save mankind from a violent alien species that have descended upon Earth in their spaceship. The film made over $200 million worldwide but generally received poor reviews.

An extra-terrestrial group, forced to inhabit a ghetto area called District 9, are soon coerced out of their only home. However, Wikus van der Merwe, who is in charge of the operation, is exposed to a hazardous substance and must soon must rely on the very species he is commanded to destroy. The powerful film featured many themes, such as segregation, and was a box-office success of over $200 million.

A brilliant team of scientists combine alien and human DNA to create an alien female, hoping to create a docile individual. Instead, Sil quickly grows into a violent, rebellious female and her creators chase her before she can reproduce more of her kind to continue her race. The successful movie was followed by several sequels, a novel and comic book.

A mismatched group of criminals are forced to work as a team to prevent the Earth from being taken over by evil villain, Ronan the Accuser. It became the highest-grossing superhero film of 2014, earning over $773 million worldwide.

Cab driver Korben Dallas and the embodiment of the Fifth Element, Leeloo, must stop the Evil, his alien cronies and the powerful Mr. Zorg from destroying the Earth. The successful film made $263 million, but was actually the most expensive European film when it was made in 1997 - with a budget of $90 million.

In this eleventh film in the "Star Trek" series, James T. Kirk is mentored by Mr. Spock as they work together to fight against the futuristic alien that threatens the United Federation of Planets.

In Antarctica, an extraterrestrial roaming the country has a unique and dangerous ability to become anything it encounters. Researchers at a lab soon discover this information and begin their hunt to exterminate the alien before it erases the human race. The film has been credited as one of the greatest horror films of all time.

A man, having disturbing dreams about Mars, delves into virtual reality in order to find answers. The troubled construction worker fights through deception and secrets in order to discover his true self. The sci-fi film won a Special Achievement Academy Award for its visual effects and the composer for the film, Jerry Goldsmith, won the BMI Film Music Award.

In the distant future, a ship is forced to dock on a nearby planet, filled with hungry creatures prowling in the night. Soon, the survivors learn that a month-long eclipse is near and they are trapped on the planet. "Pitch Black" was a hit, and two subsequent sequels followed.

At a farm in Pennsylvania, strange sightings and animal behavior quickly spiral into an alien invasion. A struggling family fight for their tranquility against the frightening creatures. The film is rated at 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator.

This movie tells the adventures of Englishman Arthur Dent and his interaction with alien comrades after he is removed from planet Earth by one alien called Ford Prefect. The comedy sci-fi movie, based on a book series, received positive reviews, with a 60 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

A farewell party among six young people is interrupted by a giant earthquake and an unusual alien attack that create mayhem in the streets of New York. The film is the first of the Cloverfield series and made over $170 million, in comparison to its initial budget of $25 million.

A highly skilled team, on a rescue mission in Central America, are forced to battle not only humans, but also an alien species hunting them down. The film was not well received until many years after its initial release, but it has nonetheless generated two sequels and inspired many movies.

This sequel to the 2000 film "Pitch Black" follows the adventures of escaped criminal, Richard B. Riddick, to Helion Prime. Though he traveled to Helion in search of his bounty, he soon gets more than he bargained for as he fights off the invasive Necromongers species. This movie was generally disfavored in the theaters but sold well on DVD.

When aliens depart from Earth in a hurry, they accidentally leave behind one of their very own. The stranded alien befriends a lonesome boy in California. They work together to help him return to his home planet. The film was rated at 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and has been described as one of the greatest movies ever made.

The film tells the story of a young woman who survives a terrible car crash, only to wake up in a room with two men who insist that the outside world is under attack. This movie is the second in the Cloverfield series and was a huge success, earning over $100 million.

Following an attack on the entire planet by an unknown species, survivors attempt to rebuild their lives. Then another attack is launched on July 4th, in the United States. Human weapons prove futile against the progressive technology and the people fight once again to stay alive. The film generated over $800 million worldwide.

Men in Black is a secret organisation that oversees any alien-related encounters and any handles threats to human Earth of an extraterrestrial nature. The film follows a police officer who joins this organisation and pursues several leads. The film generated several times its $90 million budget and has since had two sequels.

Dr Ellie Arroway is a scientist who discovers compelling proof of life of an unknown species. The film captures the sequence of events that follow after Arroway initiates contact with the alien body. In addition to many other awards, "Contact" won the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

This sci-fi comedy tells the adventures of two nerds, an alien with lots of personality and a love for alcohol, as well as his subsequent return to his planet. The film is rated at 71 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and described as an entertaining but uneven road trip comedy.

Soon after she arrives at a supermax prison on Fiorina Fury 161, eerie and fatal encounters capture the attention of Ellen Ripley, who begins to suspect alien interference. The film’s under-performance caused it to be disregarded by its writer, David Fincher. A subsequent revised version of the film was released - and much better received.

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