Only 12% of People Can Correctly Pronounce These Brand Names

By Jacqueline Samaroo on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Brands have been with us for centuries in the form of symbols or heraldry, but they came into their own once the Industrial Revolution kicked off. The Victorian age produced a burgeoning middle class which was hungry to spend its money on all manner of products, from food to grooming to housewares and beyond. 

Regular tradesfolk could not keep up with all this demand, and factories began to be formed that could churn out far more product. However, regulation was weak, and a lot of products were not what they claimed to be, or had worthless or even dangerous ingredients. Brands were the inevitable result: names that everyone recognized, that told you the quality and safety would meet your requirements. People like Josiah Wedgewood with his high-end china, or Joseph Rowntree with his rather more mainstream candies, became all the rage.

Of course, not all brands are in a person's native language, and even some that are, have rather strange names. Many of these are named for the founders, but some are called for that person's dog, for a street they lived on or a landmark they liked, or just a word they thought sounded appropriate. This created a lot of diversity in brand names and in how easy they are to say. How well do you know how to say some of the biggest brand names in the world?

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