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Do you know the difference between a claw hammer and a hammer drill or a hole saw and a jigsaw? Can you tell the difference between a plumb bob, chalk line and laser level from a single image? Take our quiz to see if you can recognize all the tools and equipment used in the construction industry!

Construction appears simple from the outside - grab a hammer, some nails and a couple of sheets of plywood and get to work, right? Look a little closer, and you'll learn that putting together even a simple structure or renovation is an incredibly complex process, one that unites a huge group of specialists.

The building process starts with architects and engineers, who prepare plans and specifications for contractors to work from. After that, you need crews to handle site work and excavation, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and a whole host of other pros, each contributing just a small piece of the puzzle. 

Of course, each of these crews of workers will also bring their tools to the job, and just one piece of missing equipment can derail an entire day of the project schedule.

Think you can name all the tools used on a typical construction site? Take our quiz to find out!

This common tool is one of the oldest tools found throughout history and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most hammers typically feature a steelhead with a wooden or rubber/plastic handle. Depending on its intended use, it can be used to fit and remove nails, forge metal and break objects apart.

A wheelbarrow is a manually-operated cart with a single wheel in the front and two wheels or none in the back. It is pushed and maneuvered by a single person and is used to transport and dispose of various materials.

A ladder is a long vertical structure made of wood or metal with a set of steps. It is usually leaned against a vertical surface, such as a pole or wall, and can be used to reach higher heights by climbing the steps.

A hand saw, also called panel saw or a fish saw, is a tool used in carpentry and woodwork. It consists of a wooden or plastic handle attached to a long, wide blade with a jagged edge on one side. It is used to cut pieces of wood into different shapes.

Due to the high rate of eye injuries in the workforce, safety glasses need to worn by construction workers at all times. They protect the worker's eyes from dust, sand, nails, wood chips and cement rocks.

This powerful tractor-driven machine is frequently used in construction, farming, wrecking and road building. It is fitted with a wide horizontal blade used for pushing large amounts of sand, soil or rubble out of the way.

A measuring tape, also referred to as a tape measure, is a flexible ruler used to measure length, width, and distance. The retractable measuring tape is the type primarily used in construction. It features a plastic strip with a metal tip which automatically winds back in the plastic holder after letting go of it.

Construction workers wear suitable gloves depending on the job, such as welding gloves for welding or heavy duty rubber gloves when working with concrete. They provide warmth and protection to workers from cuts, abrasions, extreme temperatures, and chemicals.

A hard hat is a rigid protective hat primarily used by construction and industrial workers. It is fitted with suspension bands on the inside and is used to prevent injuries from falling rubble, impact with other objects, electrical shock, and rain.

A concrete pump is a type of construction machine which pumps liquid concrete from the machine to where it is needed. The machine is usually handled by a skilled operator who is called a concrete pumper.

These durable, rubber boots are made of a single closely-stitched design and are usually knee-length. Unlike other shoes with laces and tongues, they prevent the entry of foreign objects, such as dirt, mud, snow and shallow water.

A step stool is a portable and foldable (or stationary) stool used to reach higher spots. It usually measures 32 inches or less and is intended to be used by only one person at a time.

This electrical drill operates on rechargeable batteries and has a wide range of features, primarily drilling in holes and driving screws in. It also accepts a variety of drill and screw driving bits, such as rotary sanders and hole saws.

A forklift, also known as a lift truck or a forklift truck, is a small industrial vehicle used to lift and carry heavy loads over a short distance. It is frequently found in warehouses or other large storage companies.

A concrete mixer is a machine which mixes cement, water, sand, and gravel to form concrete. It maintains the concrete in a liquid form by continuously turning it in the drum until it is ready to be poured out. Some concrete mixers are attached to trucks which allows the concrete to be transported directly to the construction site.

The jackhammer, also known as a pneumatic-drill or demolition hammer, is an electromechanical or pneumatic tool used to break up rock, pavement or concrete. The machine is a combination of the hammer and chisel and is usually powered by compressed air or electric motors.

Also known as a polishing machine, a polisher is used to polish soft metals and plastic. This is done by carefully moving the material forwards and backwards against the rapidly spinning blade or wheel of the device.

This pistol-like gun is used to seal off gaps, seams, and cracks in the home. It uses caulk, which is made of silicone or latex, and comes in a tube or cartridge which is then placed in the gun.

A circular saw is a power saw usually powered by a hydraulic motor or a gasoline engine and may be hand-held or attached to a machine. Depending on the blade selected, it can be used to cut through various materials, such as wood, plastic, metal or masonry.

Rig mats are transportable platforms commonly used to support construction equipment and other construction-related activities. They come in a number of materials (such as plastic, wood, steel or a combination of all three), thicknesses, and weights (heavy or lightweight), depending on the desired use.

The roller, also known as road roller or roller compactor, is a type of engineering vehicle of which there many types. It is used to compact asphalt, gravel, soil, and concrete during the construction of roads and other foundations.

A masonry trowel is a hand trowel with an elongated triangular-shaped flat metal blade. It is used to spread, level and shape cement, plastic and mortar during brickwork and stonework.

A trencher is a kind construction equipment which comes in a variety of sizes. Trenchers are used to dig trenches mainly for installing drainage, pipes and electrical cables.

A dump truck, which is also known as a dumper or tipper truck, is a type of vehicle used to carry loose materials such as gravel or waste during construction. Most dump trucks have an open-box bed attached to the back which can tilt or open at the back to unload its contents.

This multi-purpose agricultural tool is used to clear and shape the soil, remove weeds and harvest root crops. It has a flat metal blade which comes in a variety of shapes with a long wooden handle.

This construction machine is used to lift and lower materials and move them side to side. It is equipped with hoist ropes, chains or wire ropes and sheaves that enable the machine to raise and lower materials.

These brightly colored vests are not only designed to keep the worker safe from injury on the job, but from passing vehicles. They are purposely designed in fluorescent colors so that they could be spotted in the dark by other workers to prevent accidents and injuries.

An overall, also known as dungaree, is a loose-fitted pair of pants made from cotton, denim or linen with two supporting cross-straps. It is usually worn by workers to protect them from the heat, cold, debris, sparks and fire in the workplace.

The motor grader, also known as a road grader or simply grader, is a heavy construction machine used to smooth and flatten a surface during the grading process. It has an adjustable blade located on the front and back axle which is used to cut, spread and level the material.

This multi-purpose engine-powered machine has a wide range of uses. Companies are able to save money and labor by attaching almost any hydraulic equipment to its lift arms depending on the desired usage.

A mortar mixer is a construction equipment which mixes sand, cement, and water to make mortar. The paste is then used to bind and seal blocks, stones, and bricks together and fill in irregular spaces in between them.

A plumb bob or plummet is a small tool which is used as a point of reference to determine if an object is truly vertical. The simple tool consists of a coarse cotton or nylon string attached to a brass, steel or plastic weight, which is generally made with a precise pointed tip.

A backhoe loader, also known as a backhoe, is a type of construction vehicle. It has a front bucket/shovel attached to the front and a backhoe in the back which are used to dig, excavate, break asphalt, pave roads and transport light building materials.

An excavator, also known as a digger, is a heavy construction equipment used to dig and move large objects. It consists of a rotating platform called a house, with a boom, dipper, bucket, and cab attached to it.

A sand screening machine is a portable and lightweight construction machine. It is used to remove large and small impurities (such as dirt, silt, and stones) from sand to be used in construction.

A screed is a flat thin layer used in concrete construction during the final stages of floor installation. It is made of pre-mixed mortar with sand used to smooth out the surface of the concrete. It comes in a number of thicknesses, depending on the type of floor to be installed.

A chisel is a small hand tool with a long blade, a beveled cutting edge, and a metal or wooden handle. It is used to cut or shape materials such as wood, concrete, stone or metal by striking down on it with a hammer or mallet.

A crowbar is commonly referred to as a wrecking bar or pry bar. It is a long metal bar with a curved chisel end and a swan neck used to remove nails, pry nailed wooden crates open or force two objects apart.

A framing square, also known as steel square or carpenters square, is a carpentry tool used to find and establish the right angles and measurements. It consists of two rulers joined to form a right angle – the wider and longer ruler is called the blade, and the narrower and shorter is called the tongue.

A pry bar is another name applied to the crowbar. It is used to open and remove objects such as nails and crates.

A jack plane is a general-purpose bench plane of 12-15 inches in length with a straight edge for joining stock or a slightly curved edge. It is used to smooth the edges of wood or correct its size by making it smaller.

An earth rammer, also called a tamper, is a hand tool used to create a solid layer of earth by compressing and compacting it. This is done before paving and concreting which usually requires a hard, flat surface.

The measuring wheel is known by many names, including the surveyor's wheel, trundle wheel, click wheel, odometer, and perambulator. It is used to measure long distances by rolling it over the surface which leaves a reading.

Tile cutters are used to cut tiles in a desired shape or size. They come in a variety of forms, such as manually operated devices to power tool attachments.

A putty knife is a hand tool which has a variety of uses. Its blades come in different sizes and are used to apply, spread and scrape filler materials, such as plaster, wood filler, and drywall taping compound.

The vacuum blower is a cheaper alternative to vacuum pumps. It is a type of machine used to remove gas or air which is trapped and then forced out of a pipe or hose to propel materials to their destination.

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