Only 1 in 27 People Can Name All of These Fixer-Upper Items From an Image. Can You?

By: Kennita Leon
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If you've lived in a house or an apartment that wasn't the most modern, then you know to do a few things around the house. It's nice to have your plumber and carpenter on speed dial, but chances are your pocket doesn't appreciate it. So, the only other thing that's left is to become a fixer-upper yourself. Of course you know how to unclog a drain, give the wood on your deck a fresh stain and you can change ten light bulbs in 5 minutes or less. But to do those things, you need a few tools. Only those who are truly handy can name all the tools in our quiz. Are you one of them?

We have the basics like the hammer, the hand saw and a measuring tape, but we also have framing squares, masonry trowels and rammers. Could you tell us which item is what if we showed you a picture?  If you think you've got what it takes to correctly identify all the tools fixer uppers use, take this quiz! Will your neighborhood recruit you for their next big project, or will they bench your clumsy butt and put you on water duty? Let's find out!

Nails are used to fasten materials together. These materials are usually made of wood; the nails themselves are made of iron, copper, steel or aluminum.

Construction workers are required to wear rubber boots while performing their duties. Without this form of protection, the body is more vulnerable during physical accidents and is also exposed to harmful chemicals or materials such as cement that can cause injury or discomfort.

Used to bore holes or fasten attachments, a power drill is usually attached to a drill bit or driver bit.

Safety glasses or safety goggles are protective eyewear worn to prevent substances from entering the eyes.

Available as a manual or mechanical tool, the wood chisel is used for the carving and cutting of wood.

This tool is used in farming and gardening to help dig into the soil. It is used to clear the soil by removing fragments such as weeds that may hinder the growth of crops to be planted in that area.

This is a flexible measuring tool that is used by just about everyone- from dress makers to carpenters. It is used to measure the width, length and thickness of objects and the distance between objects.

A hand saw is a common carpentry tool used to cut pieces of wood for just about any purpose. They are many variations of the hand saw such as the coping and crosscut saw which are used to suit specific jobs.

Available in different shapes and sizes, drill bits are attachable cutting tools used with drills to create holes.

The jack plane is a type of bench plane that is used to polish a woodwork piece. It removes any stray pieces of wood and helps the carpenter to help shape it into the desired size.

Framing squares are versatile tools that are used to guide carpenters in measuring stairs, rafters and other items before they are cut into shape. It is lined with tables and scales to direct the process.

This small handheld device helps shape and spread concrete across surfaces during masonry work. It is sold in a variety of sizes and shapes to easily adapt to the task at hand.

Constructed of wood, plastic or metal, ladders are vertical structures used for accessing heights. They most often need to be leaned against a surface although some are self-supportive.

Used to drive nails, break apart objects and forge metal, a hammer is a hand tool used to deliver blows.

Shiny smooth surfaces are usually the result of the use of a polisher. This device is used on the surfaces of wood and tiles to create a nice, smooth finish to the end product. An abrasive such as aluminum oxide is often used in the process.

This essential item helps protect hands from direct contact with harsh chemicals and items such as paint which can irritate the skin. As a means of avoiding injury, persons who are handling machinery are required to wear gloves.

Also called a bubble level or spirit level, the level is used to determine whether a surface is level.

A crowbar is a long, slender tool with a curved end. Crowbars are used to pry open difficult items such as crates and boards and to also remove nails from surfaces.

In order to cut tiles into the desired shape and size, a tile cutter is used. The tile cutter can be attached to other powerful tools but can also be sold as a manual device which can easily be used in the home.

This machine mixes concrete with water and aggregates, such as gravel or sand, in order to form concrete. Though these mixers are typically found on large trucks, there are portable versions that are sold.

Electrically powered, the circular saw makes use of a toothed blade to cut through wood and other material.

Used for the tightening of screws in appliances and upholstery, a screwdriver typically has a handle and a metal shaft. They are often manual, although some may be powered.

One of the best adhesive tapes, duct tape is gray in appearance. This sticky magic can be used to seal anything from pipes to appliances.

Typically, hard hats serve as protection for the head from injuries. Furthermore, it is a very important form of protective gear because it helps prevent fatalities by safeguarding the skull and the brain.

Available in several colors, lengths and sizes, extension cords are lengths of electrical cable containing a socket on one end and a plug on the other.

Ohmmeters are tools used for measuring the resistance present to an electrical current. Some are built to measure higher resistances than others.

Apart from the hoe, the pickax is another tool that is used to delve into the soil. However, it is more suitable for hard soil that may be difficult to excavate with a hoe or spade.

Considered a broom for outside or horticultural use, a rake consists of a toothed bar attached to a handle. It is used for weeding, loosening of soil and collecting leaves or grass.

Somewhat identical to the mask worn by surgeons, the dust mask is placed over the mouth and nose to avoid inhalation of dust.

A rammer is a tool that looks much like a handless mallet and has two ends: one flat and one with a block shaped like a square. It is used to solidify soils.

Made by joining two levers away from the middle, pliers are believed to have been developed from tongs.

Originally a fixed blade knife, the utility knife has now become retractable. They are used for general and utility purposes.

Physically bigger than the ordinary hammer, a sledgehammer has a large head which allows it to deliver a greater force to a wider area.

Referred to as a torch beyond the North American borders, a flashlight is a portable light source often powered by batteries.

A step stool is a small stool normally used for reaching higher places. Some step stools can be folded away.

A spade is a tool that is often regarded as a type of shovel. In gardening, it is used to break through tough soil to loosen the ground. The spade has a metal bottom at the end of a long wooden or plastic handle.

Also known as shears, snips are hand tools which employ leverage to lighten workloads.

Historically known as a scroll saw, jigsaws make use of an electric motor and reciprocating saw blade.

A trowel is a small tool with a variety of uses such as for digging up small holes, transferring small materials or applying materials such as concrete to surfaces. It has many varieties such as the garden and masonry trowel.

A putty knife is a hand tool made of a handle and blade. It is used specifically for the glazing of windows.

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