Only 1 in 27 People Can Match the Car to Its Country of Origin. Can You?

By Robin Tyler on May 04, 2018

About This Quiz

Each and every day, cars are produced in many countries around the world. 

In fact, the worldwide automobile industry is so massive, that in 2017, 72 million cars were produced on the planet! That's simply incredible, don't you think?

Even countries such as Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt and Finland, to name a few, manufacture cars. 

Most large brands have factories all over the world, while some cars are handmade by a dedicated group of people and sold as specialty vehicles. No matter how many models of a certain brand are made, you would agree that designing and manufacturing a car, either by hand or using the latest production techniques, is an incredible undertaking.

So now the question is, just how many countries would you be able to identify as the one where a car was designed and manufactured? Seem simple? It's not! Although some models are very obvious as to their country of origin, others will throw up a smoke screen that will cloud your brain. Best keep your wits about you as you wrack your brain to try and figure out which car belongs to which country.

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