Only 1 in 23 Women Can Identify These Wedding-Related Items. Can You?

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Have you been dreaming of donning that white dress since you were a little girl? Are you the first person that your friends call when there's a wedding to plan? If so, you just might have what it takes to ace this quiz on all things wedding!

Let's face it; weddings are a really big deal. If you pick the perfect partner, it's an event you're only going to do once in your life. Not only is it a bride's turn to be the star of the show, but it's also a day that the happy couple and their friends and family will remember forever. No pressure there, right?

On top of that burning desire for an unforgettable wedding day, there's the cost factor, and no matter how you slice it, weddings just don't come cheap. A survey by The Knot reveals that the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is around $35,000 as of 2017, and that's just the event itself; it doesn't include all the lead-up events like the bachelor and bachelorette parties, or the honeymoon.

With so much money being splashed out, and so much expectation from brides to have the day of their dreams, planning a wedding can be a pressure-packed occasion. Think you've got what it takes to pull off the perfect wedding? Take our quiz to test your wedding day IQ!

The dress is one of the most important items in any wedding. Whether you're dreaming of a simple sheath or a dress with a train that requires the help of a bevy of bridesmaids, finding your ideal wedding dress is the first step in putting together a wedding that will make you feel like a princess.

What's a wedding without a pair of rings to serve as a symbol of your love? Whether you're splurging on diamond-encrusted bands or sticking with something simple, the most important wedding ring rule is to pick someone reliable to keep track of the jewelry until the ceremony begins.

Nothing finishes off a bride's wedding day look better than a beautiful floral bouquet. Build a bouquet from a selection of your favorite blossoms, use your wedding color schemes as a guide, or go with silk for an arrangement you can keep long after the ceremony ends.

In ancient ceremonies, veils protected brides from evil spirits. More recently, they have been seen as symbols of purity and chastity. For others, the veil isn't so symbolic, but just a fabulous way to top off a wedding dress.

The bride and groom may be the star of any wedding, but the cake plays a leading role all its own. Traditional couples go with multi-tiered creations layered with fondant, while some modern brides and grooms choose cupcakes or even donuts instead of cake. Remember if you do decide to get a cake to freeze it for your first anniversary!

A trio of candles, known as a unity candle, has long served as an important part of traditional wedding ceremonies. The bride and groom use individual lit candles to light the third one together, symbolizing the permanent union created by the wedding.

A ring bearer can be an adorable part of your day as he trots down the aisle. Make his job easy by sewing the rings onto a small pillow, or use fakes, and keep the real rings with someone a little older, like the best man.

It's tradition to commemorate any momentous occasion in life with a champagne toast, and for many couples, no occasion is more important than tying the knot. Make sure to bring a pair of champagne flutes so you're not sipping the celebratory bubbly out of a couple of plastic cups.

It can take time to pick out the perfect invitations, wait for them to get printed, have them addressed, and get them into the mail. While you're busy with all of that, make sure your guests keep your big day earmarked on their calendar by sending out some simple save the date cards.

You're sure to look gorgeous in your gown, but make sure your hubby-to-be looks just as good by helping him choose a snappy tuxedo. The good thing about the tux is that unlike your dress, you can probably get away with renting rather than buying, saving you big bucks.

Let's face it; women get to have all the fun when it comes to wedding day fashion. Sure, your groom may look dapper in his tux, but with few exceptions, all tuxes look pretty much the same. A boutonniere, a flower worn on the lapel, adds a touch of color to his black and white ensemble and helps tie his look in with the color scheme of the ceremony.

You might think everyone in your circle of friends knows the when and where of your wedding, after all, you probably haven't stopped talking about it in months. Even so, invitations are a critical wedding item and will ensure your guests turn up on time and in the right place. You can also share useful info, like where guests can find your registry details and other pertinent facts.

What's a fab wedding cake without the perfect topper? These artistic creations range from the traditional bride and groom standing side-by-side to custom or comical variations, like the bride dragging her groom to the altar against his will.

The garter ceremony likely dates back to a very old tradition, in which newlywed couples had to demonstrate that they had consumated their marriage to prove it was valid. Thankfully, this tradition has evolved so that the groom simply removes the garter from the bride's leg and throws it to a crowd of single men at the reception.

If you don't get a marriage license, your marriage isn't legal, period. Don't wait until the last minute to get your license, but don't get it too soon either; many states require you to get the license 72 hours before tying the knot, and most also put a restriction on how long the license is valid: it usually varies from 30 to 90 days.

Every bride dreams of walking down the aisle, but if you have a specific vision of what that aisle should look like, then you need an aisle runner. This length of material comes in various colors and fabrics to create the walkway of your dreams, can be used to create a makeshift aisle at an outdoor wedding, or to cover dull carpet or floor finishes in other venues.

A wedding cake is a focal point at any reception, but it's more than just something to look at: you have to be prepared to serve it to your guests too! That means bringing a cake knife as well as a server. Many brides choose to get a set that's custom engraved to commemorate their special day.

Place cards take the confusion out the reception, letting guests know their assigned seats. These cards are sometimes combined with an escort board and table numbers to make each guest's seat even easier for them to locate.

Guestbooks allow your guests to leave you messages you'll treasure for years to come. Even with video and pictures of the big day, there's something special about written words from your closest family and friends that will help you create lasting memories you can revisit with the flip of a page.

There's nothing cuter than a tiny flower girl, dancing down the aisle in her pretty dress. Make her look even more adorable with a basket of flower petals to toss. You can also scatter petals on tables at the reception to serve as part of the decor.

Don't leave your guests starring at a boring white tablecloth all the way through the reception. Centerpieces liven up any space and bring color and fragrance to each table. Choose from traditional flower arrangements and candles, or pick something unique like succulents, or some crafty concoction you spot on Pinterest.

Have you heard the word? Dry rice isn't exactly great for birds. Instead, equip your guests with bird seed to throw instead. The birds will thank you.

If rice and birdseed have been banned at your venue (many places just don't want to deal with the cleanup), invest in some small containers of bubbles. Guests will still get to show off their excitement and participate in your big moment, but there's much less potential for mess.

Many couples shell out big bucks for a professional photographer, but one person can't be everywhere. Sure, your guests may capture some great moments with their phones, but you can avoid the hassle of bugging everyone to send you these candid pics by placing disposable cameras on each table.

Every wedding dress looks better when accessorized with a pair of fabulous shoes, but do you really want to spend the entire day donning heels? Bring some soft slippers along to wear as you're getting ready, plus a pair of dancing shoes to slip on so you can boogie down during the reception.

If you expect the flower girl to do her job probably, which might be a stretch for younger kids, be prepared with the proper tools. A modest-sized basket filled with petals should help her get the job done.

Don't send guests away from your big day empty-handed. Invest in simple favors so that everyone leaves with a memento of your wedding. Food like cupcakes, candy, and mints are always popular or consider custom shot glasses, candles, and tote bags for a gift with more permanence.

The archway serves as the focal point of any ceremony, giving the bride and groom a spot to exchange vows with the help of an officiant. If you're holding the event in a non-traditional venue, or you have a specific style of archway in mind, plan to bring your own to pull of the wedding you're been picturing.

A welcome sign does more than welcome guests to your wedding; it also provides basic information on the event, from sharing the theme and color scheme to providing scheduling and directional information so guests can quickly figure out where they have to be and when.

It can be easy for guests to get lost in the sea of tables at your reception. Help guide their way with easy to spot table numbers. Whether you're using place cards or a less formal escort board, table numbers ensure guests are seated in the correct spots without a lot of fuss.

Renting chairs? Are you willing to deal with chairs in oh-so-romantic shades and textures like white plastic or harsh grey metal? If not, rent some chair covers, which wrap over the backs of each chair and transform them from boring to beautiful.

Every bride should sparkle on her big day, which often means investing in jewelry like earrings or a statement necklace. Jewelry is the perfect opportunity to sneak in some items in the traditional old, new, borrowed, and blue motif as well.

Let's face it: everyone looks better by candlelight. Soften the mood and add a bit of romance to your ceremony and reception with candles. Go flameless for added safety, or if you don't want to worry about keeping wicks lit.

Flowers play an important role in most weddings. You'll find them in bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Extra flowers can add a touch of nature and beauty to the ceremony and reception if you have them placed on tables, around the altar, or even in bunches on the end of each row of chairs or pews.

Programs not only give guests important details about your big day, but they also serve as a great way to give thanks to those who helped play a role: from your wedding party to officiants, photogs and more. Programs are particularly important if you are holding certain types of nontraditional ceremonies, such as ones involving unique songs or prayers that you'd like your guests to join in with.

Planning to jet out of the country for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding? You won't get very far without a passport. With all the focus on the main event, don't forget this crucial piece of paperwork as you're packing your bags.

You can't just get your BFF to guide you and your groom through your vows, you'll need someone licensed to legally perform a marriage. This could be a traditional religious figure like a minister, or a non-religious person licensed to perform civil ceremonies.

No matter how much your friends seem to be able to snap shots on their smartphones, you still need a professional photographer for your big day. A skilled photographer not only makes sure to capture the big moments but can also handle the editing and printing when you're ready to receive your prints.

Okay, so you're probably not going to forget about food for your reception, but what about food for the wedding party during the day? You and your bridesmaids will spend hours prepping for the ceremony: did you plan for lunch or snacks to tide you over until the reception?

Whether you're having a cash bar or an alcohol free-for-all, booze is a must at a typical wedding. Don't forget a bottle of champagne and some flutes for the bridal party to enjoy as you're prepping for the main event.

No bride really wants to worry about driving or finding a parking spot on one of the biggest days of her life. Leave the driving to the pros by renting a limousine or towncar, or kick things up a notch with a horse-drawn carriage.

The happy couple isn't the only ones who typically receive gifts at a wedding. Traditionally, the bride and groom give out some gifts of their own, to their parents and members of the wedding party. Options range from jewelry or alcohol to custom items like engraved wine glasses or tote bags to commemorate the big day.

Music plays a big role in a wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. if you have certain songs you want to hear at the venue, it's best to plan ahead, even if you've hired a DJ to handle things at the reception.

A large number of wedding guests skip the gifts and stick to cards stuffed with cash or gift cards. Keep these cards safe during the reception by setting out a wedding envelope holder, preferably one with a lock for added security.

You might be shocked at how sterile a reception venue looks before setup is complete: bare tables and chairs can be pretty sterile and cold. Rent or buy linens in your choice of colors to cover tables and chairs, and don't forget the napkins!

An outdoor wedding or reception might appeal to your nature-loving side, but an unexpected downpour can put a major damper on your big day. If you're planning an outdoor wedding or reception, there's just no getting around the need to rent a tent to keep yourself dry on your wedding day.

There's simply no better way to relieve the stress of pulling off your dream wedding than to hire a wedding planner. This professional planner will take care of all the little details, allowing you to relax and enjoy your big day.

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