Can You Match These Famous World Leaders To Their Countries?

By: Bri O.
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"Let them eat cake." While Marie Antoinette wanted her French people to eat cake, this quiz isn't a piece of cake for everyone! With all the famous world leaders, quite a few people have trouble matching them to their country. Only 1 in 21 people can match all of these famous world leaders to their country. Can you?

While recent leaders like the United States' Barack Obama and Canada's Justin Trudeau might be easy to recognize, world leaders go back to the beginning of time. Alexander the Great was conquering most of the ancient world while King Tutankhamun is known for ancient Egypt. Centuries would go by, and the public would receive kings like Henry VIII and Louis XIV. 

While pharaohs, emperors, and kings ruled the ancient world, the modern day world would come to know presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors. Presidents like Abraham Lincoln and FDR would become known for their successes. Prime Minister Winston Churchill would become a prominent voice in the U.K. while Angela Merkel would become one of the most influential women in the political world.

All these names are instantly recognizable, but can you identify these world leaders' faces? More so, can you match them to their countries?

You might remember the faces of JFK and Ronald Reagan, but could you recognize Charlemagne or Mahatma Gandhi?

Only 1 in 21 people can match 100% of these famous world leaders. Are you that one? Let's find out!

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