Only 1 in 19 People Can Answer These Basic Car Maintenance Questions. Can You?

By Steven Symes on April 22, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you wax your car with a diaper? Are you always listening for slightest strange noises that might indicate a problem as you're driving? Do you put your ride through an exhaustive 100-point inspection each year? You might be one of the rare people who know a lot about basic car maintenance. 

Even though basic maintenance should be something everyone who owns a car knows about and takes care of, most people are clueless on this topic. In the best-case scenario, they have a mechanic who stays on top of these essential items, many of which are quite easy to address. Far too many car owners just ignore these simple maintenance to-dos, then complain later when their car has a major problem that could have been avoided with proper maintenance. In other words, staying on top of basic maintenance will save you money and frustration down the road, literally. 

Maintenance items for your vehicle are spelled out in the owner's manual, but have you bothered to read over them? Are you one of those rare people who can answer the following basic maintenance questions? Take the quiz right now and find out! 

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