Only 1 in 15 People Can Name Each Member of These '80s Bands. Can You?

By Heather Cahill on March 28, 2018

About This Quiz

Their music defined the decade - ranging from rock, pop, metal and more. They're the bands you grew up with, and the bands you still listen to today, but the music is only half of it! The members of these bands were guitarists, drummers, and vocalists that made each track unique. Without them, there is no music! What is your favorite '80s band?

Can you name the members of Rush? How about Black Sabbath's vocalist? Maybe you can even name each member of the Eurythmics? You'll find bands of all different genres in this quiz. Make sure you know a little bit about each band member!

Do you know who the vocalist for the Pet Shop Boyz is? Can you name the missing person from a list of Iron Maiden members? Do you think you can identify the member who is not part of Journey? Band members come and go, making it a bit harder to remember their roles in the band!

Many '80s band members not only played in their bands but also embarked on their own solo careers. They've made a name for themselves and they will always be remembered for their incredible music. So, if you think you're an expert on all types of '80s bands, take the quiz to see your score!

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