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"Office Space" has one of the largest cult followings of any small-budget movie made. Why? Well, you know exactly why! This is the first movie that fits exactly what you sleepily walk into every morning at the office. Forget the TOS reports! Forget the annoying receptionist or your boss who uses a passive-aggressive guilt trip to get you to work on the weekends. Work is about only one thing, and that's making sure you know where your red stapler is every single moment of the day. 

With changes coming, Peter and his friends try to think of a way to get back at the company. Do you remember how much money the guys were able to steal in only a few days? It's a shocker. But, when printers act up the way they do, who hasn't wanted to retaliate a bit? Oh, and speaking of printers, do you remember the error message Mike keeps coming across on the printer that leads to its ultimate demise? Speaking of Mike, which famous musical artist did he share a name with? Answer these questions and you might not do too bad.

Just remember, the most important thing while taking this quiz is to make sure you know where your stapler is - that's always the most important thing in your day. 

What is the general theme of Office Space?

On the official Office Space film poster there is a man standing with a briefcase covered in ____________.

Who plays the lead female role in Office Space?

What is the name of the company in Office Space?

What year was Office Space released?

Milton often mumbled quietly but tried to speak up to make sure he got what?

What does Bill Lumbergh usually have in his hand while walking around the office?

Stan, the manager at Chotchkie’s, speaks to Joanna at length about the amount of ______ she wears.

Who says, “Why should I change my name? He’s the one who sucks!”

What error message did Michael Bolton read on the printer to which he replied, “what the f**k does that mean!?”

What was missing from Peter’s TPS report?

Milton tells Peter that if they take his stapler, he will ___________.

Who do “The Bobs” say is "not gonna work here anymore”?

Who flipped off their boss?

Peter plans to take a fraction of a _____________ in order to quietly steal millions of dollars from Initech.

Whose birthday was the office celebrating when Milton wanted some cake?

“Damn it feels good to be a ________”.

Which character died in Office Space?

Joanna and Peter meet at Chotchkie’s and bond over their shared love of this TV show:

In only a few days, Michael’s code allowed him to steal how much money?

On Michael and Samir’s last day of work, what do they take outside and smash into a thousand pieces?

At the end of the movie, Peter arrives to work expecting to be arrested. What does he find instead?

Who got laid off 5 years ago but was never informed?

At the end of the movie, where has Milton Waddams gone?

Office Space was shot mostly in which American city?

Who persuades Peter to see an occupational hypnotherapist in the beginning of the movie?

Which worker do the “The Bobs” believe displays the most upper management potential?

Peter wants an office with a view so he decides to:

Who does Peter think Joanna has previously slept with and therefore breaks up with her?

Who was referred to as a ‘No-Talent Ass Clown”?

Peter tells “The Bobs” he has _______ bosses.

When asked by Dr. Swanson, “Is today the worst day of your life?” Peter replies:

Taking “The Bobs” through a typical day, Peter tells them he generally comes in at least ______ minutes late through the side door.

What kind of skills does Tom Smykowski insist he has?

Which of the following did Mike Judge NOT do:

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