Nobody Can Score More Than 30/35 In This Insane Assorted Trivia Test. You're a Genius if You Can!

By Stella Alexander on March 18, 2018

About This Quiz

CALLING ALL EINSTEINS! Most people out there think they're a trivia master. Are you? This quiz has brought the demise of many a trivia expert. From the Sun King to TV's longest-running show, nobody can score more than 30/35 on this insane assorted trivia test. Can you prove that you're a genius?

Trivia comes from the Latin word which means "three roads" or "crossroads." Since this was a common thing, the word "trivia" came to have a meaning that was associated with something basic. Out of this meaning came our understanding of trivia today! Trivia is now understood to be basic or common facts.

Around the world and in the United States, you'll find tons of trivia challenges and competitions. The trivia world has expanded to a few board games and tons of TV shows. You might play Trivial Pursuit with your friends and see who knows the most information. You might tune into ABC's Jeopardy to see if you can beat the three contestants. From all these games and challenges, do you think you could master this trivia test?

If you're a football fan, sports trivia might be your thing. For the history buffs, knowing the Sun King might be a "trivial" fact to you. Today we're throwing in all the categories. From entertainment to literature, only a genius can score more than 30/35 on this. Can you?

Get your brains ready and let's find out!

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