National Garden Week: Which plant should you add to your garden?

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To celebrate National Garden Week, which new plant should you add to your garden? Will it be something exotic, or will you try your hand at an old heirloom variety?

What kind of gardening gloves do you wear?

What is your favorite vegetable to grow?

How much would you like to have your own greenhouse?

Which of the following have you used to mark your plants in the garden?

Which fall vegetable do you most like to grow?

Would you say you have a green thumb?

Where do you get plants for your garden?

Do you prefer to freeze or can your extra produce?

What do you like most about gardening?

How large is your garden?

Which plant would you grow in a container?

Do you make your own compost?

Which flower are you most likely to plant?

What color mulch would you use in your garden?

Which garden tool do you use most often?

Would you turn your lawn into your garden?

Do you have a lot of houseplants?

What kind of tree would you like to plant?

Do you use organic soil?

Which garden show do you like most?

How often do you find yourself thinking of gardening?

How does gardening make you feel?

Do you remember the first plant you grew?

Which vegetable do you find hardest to grow?

Do you go to a lot of farmers' markets?

Which kind of tomato do you prefer?

How do you water your garden?

Do you find gardening relaxing?

Who taught you to garden?

What will you do with your extra garden goodies?

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