Name These Baseball Legends from an Image in 7 Minutes

By Staff Writer on April 13, 2018

About This Quiz

Baseball is certainly one of the great American sports and is watched by millions of fans live and on television each season. There have been some great teams over the years, all filled with talented players.

There have been controversies as well, such as the Black Sox scandal early in the history of the sport and more recently, issues with steroids.

That said, the sport is not anything without the players and we are sure you will agree, there have been so many talented players over the years that picking 50 legends is a tough task. 

Luckily, we have managed it.

They include some of the finest long hitters the game has ever seen, such as one from almost a 100 years ago who is considered the greatest baseball player of all time, to a player who holds the record for the most home runs ever hit, despite some controversy. 

We also have pitchers who struck out hundreds of batters and a player who showed the true test of endurance is playing more than 2,600 games in a row.

But could you identify these players from a single image? 

Some are instantly recognizable, others might give you a tougher time. But remember, you should complete this test in seven minutes.

Good Luck!

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