Name That Zoo Animal!

By Zoe Samuel on April 22, 2018

About This Quiz

The animal kingdom is positively enormous. Life has found a way to survive everywhere from the frozen wastes of Antarctica to boiling pools of acid. We are lucky enough to have zoos where people of all ages can marvel at the breadth of lizards, insects, mammals, and even fish, seeing how animals live and behave firsthand, and giving us an appreciation for the need for their survival.

Did you feel like you learned a lot when you visited zoos when you were growing up, or did you just go for the little train that took you over the tiger enclosure? Did the aviary let your heart take wing, or were you obsessed with the windowless building of nocturnal creatures? Did you jump at the chance to see the big cats, or crane your neck for a view of giraffes? Did you go with your school to study and remember the animals, or did you go with your parents to bond over our connection to our animal cousins? The time to put your brain to the test is now. All that information you never thought you would use is suddenly becoming useful in our definitive test of your zoo knowledge. Can you name that zoo animal?

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