Name That Iconic American Car!

By Steven Symes on March 29, 2018

About This Quiz

Americans have a long and intense love story with the automobile. Even though we didn't invent the car, we definitely took to it with glee, especially once Henry Ford found a way to make it affordable. Of course, Chevy followed suit with cars most people could buy, and soon everyone was ditching the horse and buggy.

Throughout the past 100-plus years, there have been some amazing cars made in America. Many have become iconic, usually because of what they represent in the form of freedom, luxury, and accomplishment. Even today, the reasons why people buy cars varies, because not everyone is exactly alike.

We have three major automakers in America today, although one is in an ownership relationship with Italians, making for an interesting situation. In the past, there were many American automakers who rose and fell, with some leaving a lasting mark on the industry. Even today, we have a new crop of American automakers emerging, although only time will tell what lasting impact they will have.;

Just how much of an American cars history whiz are you? Take this test to find out!

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