Most People Don't Know the Function of This Construction Equipment. Do You?

By Jody Mabry on June 04, 2018

About This Quiz

Construction sites are playgrounds for big kids. From massive pieces of machinery that seem to do anything in the world, to small handheld tools and gadgets. But, how well do you think you could do trying to identify this equipment? Do you think you could tell the difference between a paver and a backhoe? Would you be able to identify a dump truck as opposed to a bulldozer? What about smaller equipment such as a prybar and a nail pryer?

While this equipment may look fun and exciting, it can also be extremely dangerous. Luckily job sites are loaded with safety equipment from hard hats to toe boards. But, do you think you'd be able to figure out what each one is from an image -- more importantly, would you know what each one does? 

This quiz is loaded with some of the most popular machines, tools and equipment you'd find at a construction site. It's your job to figure out what this equipment does. From something as simple as cutting a wire to massive equipment which can lift tons of materials hundreds of feet this quiz is going to be fun. 

Take this quiz and see how much you really know about construction equipment. 

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