Moms: Take This Quiz And We'll Guess Which Car Is Best For You!

By: Mark Lichtenstein
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About This Quiz

As a mother and a woman, you have a lot of different sides of your personality. You still want to be the person that you are, but you have to be a mother too. This can be hard in all walks of life, but even more so when it comes to picking out a vehicle. You want something fun and that suits your personality, but you also want something practical, that you can fit all of the kids in, and that you aren't going to get too bummed out about if it gets trashed because kids totally trash things you know; it is a scientific fact.

So what do you do? Jam all of the kids in a little sports car that is fun to drive, or buy some big clunky SUV that is hard to drive and is bad on gas. Or, maybe there is something in between that you could do? Of course, this all depends on how many kids you have and how many friends they have that you are carting around. When will your kids get their license? If it isn't soon, you might want to take this quiz to help you figure out which car is best for you and your family.

How far do you need to go most days?

How far do you need to go, when you go on a longer drive?

How often do you mind stopping for gas?

How many people do you need to fit into your car on a regular basis?

How easy is it to find parking where you work?

Do you park in a garage at home?

What kind of community do you live in?

Do you spend a lot of time in stop and go traffic?

How often are you on the highway?

How much do you value excitement, when you drive?

Do you ever want the singing in the car to stop?

Do you mind making everyone else carsick?

How many gears do you want?

Do you need a manual shifter?

How often do you need all four wheels to get power?

Have you tried changing tires for the season instead of just getting a Subaru?

With the right tires on your vehicle, how often do you really need four wheel drive?

Do you ever go camping with the family?

Do you ever go on road trips with your romantic partner, but not the kids?

How much of an environmentalist are you?

Do you care much about having a high tech car?

Do you ever experience range anxiety?

Are you loaded?

How much stuff do you need to cram into the back?

Does your partner plan to use the same vehicle?

Do you want to advertise what your car is, with badges, etc?

Do you want to make your inner teenager happy?

When you hear the question "Do you want to do some doughnuts?" how do you feel?

Do you like the feel of analog mechanical things more than digital things?

Knobs or touch-screen?

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