Marvel vs. DC: Can we guess which you prefer?

By Kennita Leon on February 07, 2018

About This Quiz

When it comes to cartoons and superheroes, there really are only two companies that are competing for the throne of who is best, and if you are a true comics nerd, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  You are either a fan of Marvel comics, or you are a fan of D.C. Comics. If you are into Marvel you are into Spider-man, Captain America, The Hulk, Deadpool, Ironman and Daredevil,  and if you are a fan of DC then you like Superman, Lois Lane, Batman, Robin, Catwoman and the Joker. If you're a bit edgier, you might even like the Suicide Squad (but not the movie).

Now I suppose there are some people out there who are comics fans who might say that they like both of them the same and that it doesn't matter a whole lot which is better, but if they are around, I sure haven't met any of them yet. Fans of Marvel are more new school, the drawing is crisper and the characters are darker, while D.C is more old school, both in drawing style and the way the superheroes are presented. When you go to a superhero movie or the comic book store, which of these two is your favorite? If you take this quiz we bet we can guess the answer.

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