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Wisconsin is known for a lot of things: The Green Bay Packers and their elite quarterbacks, cheese, beer and murder. Wait, what? Small-town laden Wisconsin and murderer? From Ed Gein to Jeffrey Dahmer, there is something in the water that gives Wisconsin a strange lure to popular culture murderers. This is exemplified in the popular Netflix documentary, which follows the bizarre and twisty case of Steven Avery in the documentary series "Making of a Murderer."

While this quiz won't touch the judgment of the case, we can bet you have your opinions. This quiz will test your knowledge of events as described in the documentary, such as do you know what the Avery family business is? Or, do you remember what Steven Avery's IQ is supposed to be or why he was initially exonerated?

As a true fan, you may not have trouble, but you will be tested. "Making of a Murderer" is convoluted with twists, lack of evidence, lack of follow-through and of course small town shenanigans that leave you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what the heck actually happened?

Take this quiz to show how good of a sleuth you are. Are you a casual watcher or an observant detective? It's time to test yourself.

Over what period of time was the documentary filmed?

Making a Murderer was created over a period of 10 years. Filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi began the project in 2005, and pitched the show to Netflix in 2013.


What is the Avery family business?

The Avery family run an auto salvage yard.


According to the documentary, what is Steven Avery's IQ?

Steven Avery's IQ has been widely reported to be 70.


For what crime or crimes was Steven Avery first convicted, in 1985?

Mr. Avery was convicted of sexual assault, attempted murder, and false imprisonment in 1985.


After how many years was he exonerated?

Steven Avery served 18 years for his first conviction. His original sentence was for 32 years.


What evidence exonerated him?

DNA testing of 13 hairs recovered from the crime were tested against Steven's blood and it was not a match.


How old was he when released?

Avery was 23 when convicted, and 41 when he was released 18 years later.


Who is believed to be the actual perpetrator of the crime?

The DNA evidence was matched to Gregory Allen, who was already serving a 60 year sentence.


How large was the settlement he received for his wrongful conviction suit against Manitowoc County?

The initial lawsuit brought by Steven Avery was for $36 million. He settled for $400,000.


How long after the settlement was Steven Avery arrested for murder?

The suit was still pending when Avery was arrested for possession of firearms on Nov 9, 2005. He was charged with murder and other crimes on November 15. Avery settled his suit on February 13, 2006, in order to pay for his defense.


When was a bullet found in Steven Avery's garage?

A Rav4 key was found in Avery's bedroom on the 7th search of his property, in November. Four months later, in March, a bullet fragment containing DNA evidence was found in his garage.


Which Manitowoc County officer was present on the Avery property for the discovery of the Toyota keys in Mr. Avery's bedroom, and the bullet in his garage?

Lieutenant James Lenk of the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office was present for both finds, despite assurances that Manitowoc Country would not be directly involved in the investigation.


Who found the Toyota Rav4 in the Avery salvage yard?

Two female volunteers in a search party found the car parked on the perimeter of the lot.


What period of time elapsed between Steven Avery's arrest and his trial?

Avery was arrested in November of 2005. His trial concluded in March of 2007.


Other than Steven Avery's, was any DNA found in his home?

A bullet fragment containing DNA evidence was found in his garage, but no physical evidence was found in Avery's home, despite Brendan Dassey's confession that a bloody crime had been perpetrated there.


Mr. Avery's murder trial was not located in Manitowoc county. Which county was it located in?

The murder trial was held in next-door Calumet County. The defense argued that there was a conflict of interest with Manitowoc county due to Steven's false imprisonment lawsuit.


From what county was the jury pool selected?

Though the trial was held in Calumet County, jurors were chosen from Manitowoc County.


How many jurors are now believed to have been related to police officers in Manitowoc County?

One juror was the father of a Manitowoc County Sherrif's deputy, and a second has a son who worked for the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department as a jail supervisor. A third juror's wife worked as a Manitowoc County clerk.


What option did Steven choose after one of the jurors for his trial was excused for a medical emergency?

Steven chose to add a new juror and continue with his trial.


Once deliberations began, how many jurors did the defense team discover has initially voted Not Guilty?

According to the documentary, the initial straw poll of the jury revealed that 7 of the 12 members wanted to vote Not Guilty.


How long did it take the jury to return a verdict?

The jury took about 22 hours over three days before convicting Avery.


The prosecution got the help of the FBI to prove that what chemical wasn't present in Mr. Avery's blood in the Rav 4?

The test did not detect any EDTA, however the defense argued that this test couldn't conclusively say EDTA wasn't there.


How many times was Brendan Dassey interviewed before he confessed?

Dassey was interviewed three times in 2006, once in February, once in March, and once in May. The interviews total eight hours in length.


TRUE or FALSE: The same laywers that defended Steven also defended Brendan Dassey.

Brendan Dassey was defended by Lean Kachinsky. Steven Avery's lawyers were Dean Strang and Jerome Buting.


How old was Brendan Dassy at the time of his conviction?

Dassey was seventeen at the time of his conviction. He was sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 41 years.


How old is Steven Avery now?

He was born in 1962 and is now 53 years old.


How many total years has he served in prison?

Avery spent 18 years in prison for his first conviction, and has been in prison 8.5 years for his second conviction, for a total of 26.5 years in prison.


Who is defending him now?

On January 12, 2016, Kathleen Zellner announced that her firm would represent Avery. She will be assisted by Tricia Bushnell, legal director of the Midwest Innocence Project.


Why is the President unable to pardon him, despite receiving a petition with over 100,000 signatures?

The White House has stated that, since Avery and Dassey "are both state prisoners, the President cannot pardon them. A pardon in this case would need to be issued at the state level by the appropriate authorities."


Where can I find out more?

All of these websites provide a wealth of further information about the events surrounding Making a Murderer: stevenaverytrial.com, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Avery, http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime-and-courts/steven-avery-case-read-the-original-reports/collection_0804d526-b4a7-11e5-adf2-931380a48d26.html


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