"Making a Murderer" Quiz

By Staff Writer on February 16, 2018

About This Quiz

Wisconsin is known for a lot of things: The Green Bay Packers and their elite quarterbacks, cheese, beer and murder. Wait, what? Small-town laden Wisconsin and murderer? From Ed Gein to Jeffrey Dahmer, there is something in the water that gives Wisconsin a strange lure to popular culture murderers. This is exemplified in the popular Netflix documentary, which follows the bizarre and twisty case of Steven Avery in the documentary series "Making of a Murderer."

While this quiz won't touch the judgment of the case, we can bet you have your opinions. This quiz will test your knowledge of events as described in the documentary, such as do you know what the Avery family business is? Or, do you remember what Steven Avery's IQ is supposed to be or why he was initially exonerated?

As a true fan, you may not have trouble, but you will be tested. "Making of a Murderer" is convoluted with twists, lack of evidence, lack of follow-through and of course small town shenanigans that leave you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what the heck actually happened?

Take this quiz to show how good of a sleuth you are. Are you a casual watcher or an observant detective? It's time to test yourself.

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