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Are you ready to rumble? If you're planning on taking this quiz, we hope you are! One of the biggest films of the 2000s, Million Dollar Baby had everyone ready to step into the ring. Are you ready to fight it out against this quiz?

In 2004, Clint Eastwood took the lead with the sports drama, Million Dollar Baby. Not only did he act in the film, but he directed and produced it. Based on the F.X. Toole novel, Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner. The book and film follow the story of a trainer who tries to redeem himself and his career by training a female boxer. The film also stars Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman.

With the unique plot and acting quality, you can be sure this film was awarded. The film won Best Picture, Best Director (Eastwood), Best Actress (Swank), and Best Supporting Actor (Freeman) at the Academy Awards. 

Million Dollar Baby was packed into 132 minutes of drama. How well can you remember it all? 

What nickname did Frankie give Maggie? What is the name of Frankie's gym? Where did Maggie's last fight take place? If you're ready to go a few rounds with this quiz, you'll need to know these answers!

How well do you remember Million Dollar Baby? Can you make it to the final round of this match or will you be knocked out?

Boxers. In your corners!

Frankie Dunn, a former boxing contender, is one of the central characters of "Million Dollar Baby." Which Hollywood heavyweight played him?

Clint Eastwood starred in "Million Dollar Baby," a film he also directed and co-produced.


Maggie Fitzgerald is the newbie wannabe fighter on the block. Which Academy Award-winning character actress portrayed her?

Hillary Swank won an Academy Award for her performance as Maggie. She previously won the same award for playing a transgender in "Boys Don’t Cry."


Since being a retired prizefighter, Frankie Dunn now runs and manages one of these places.

Frankie’s boxing gym is named "Hit Pit." There are regulars who work out there, hoping to become better boxers.


The film guides viewers with the voice-over narration of Frankie Dunn’s gym assistant and friend, Scrap Dupris. Whose voice was this?

Morgan Freeman portrayed Scrap Dupris, a former boxer like Frankie. Their friendship goes way back.


Aside from frequenting his gym, Frankie also frequents this kind of establishment every week, particularly during Sundays.

Frankie always attends the Sunday church service. His priest always ends up arguing with him, though, for many reasons.


In which famous city is Frankie’s gym located?

The "Hit Pit" is somewhere in Los Angeles. But it doesn’t reflect the showbiz glamor of Hollywood and Vine.


From which state is Maggie Fitzgerald?

Maggie is from Missouri, and her midwestern accent is quite heavy. According to Scrap, she knows she is “trash,” so she struggles to make something out of her life.


Frankie’s priest friend always asks if the former boxer already wrote a letter to an estranged relative. Which relative is this?

A hidden back story involves an estranged relationship between Frankie and his daughter. It’s not clear why they are estranged.


Why did Missouri native Maggie Fitzgerald come to Frankie’s gym in Los Angeles?

From prior research, Maggie knows that Frankie can train boxers to be great. Only if he says yes…


What is Frankie’s number one reason for rejecting Maggie’s request for training?

Frankie thinks that women’s boxing is done merely for show, not for the sport. A tough guy himself, he thinks girls aren’t tough enough for the sport.


When not working out at Frank’s gym, Maggie keeps a service-oriented day job. What is her job?

Waitressing in between working out earns Maggie enough money to pursue her dreams. She’s good at saving up for what she needs.


In the beginning, Scrap always finds Maggie at the gym, working on this equipment. Which equipment was it?

Maggie always works out with the punching bag. But Frankie noticed the bag is working her out instead!


To change Maggie’s bad punching bag techniques, Scrap offered her one of these. What did he offer?

The speed bag teaches a boxer how to hit and do some proper footwork while hitting properly. It’s not necessarily about the speed, as Maggie is told.


What is Frankie’s secondary reason for rejecting Maggie’s request for training?

No one starts training to be a ballerina at age 30, said Frankie. So he thinks Maggie is too old to start boxing at that age.


Aside from boxing, Frankie also loves books. He always reads the works of the Irish writer, Yeats. What kind of Yeats’ works does he read?

Frankie seems to be a man of many cultural interests. He loves reading the poetry of Yeats.


Frankie also busies himself studying another language. Which European language is this?

Gaelic is also known as Old Irish. Frankie seems to be fond of old world culture.


It turns out that Frankie does write letters to his daughter. But the letters always come back, marked with these words.

Frankie keeps all the “return to sender” letters he sent to his daughter in a shoe box. Forgiveness is hard to come by, for him.


What leader-like term does Maggie like to use when referring to Frankie?

“Don't call me boss,” quipped Frankie. But Maggie still does!


Frankie only wanted to train Maggie in boxing, but doesn’t want to claim another job that goes with it. What job is this?

Frankie doesn’t want to be the manager of another boxing talent. He recently got burned in this department by Big Willie, an up and coming contender who left him for another manager.


Since Frankie doesn’t want to be Maggie’s manager, Scrap treated her to dinner, to “casually" meet a more active manager. During which special occasion did Scrap execute this plan?

Scrap treated Maggie to dinner for her birthday. But it was a pretext to meet with a new possible manager, which she declined.


Since Maggie has been training so hard for a while, she became raring to go and try to have one of these.

Every boxer’s dream is to have a public fight. Preferably, they want one with good winning money involved.


Scrap suffered an injury during the 109th fight of his career. Which part of his body was permanently damaged as a result?

Scrap was blinded in one eye during the last boxing match he had. But his punch is still good!


When Maggie began fighting to compete, Scrap compared her punching style with this legendary African-American fighter. Who was it?

Scrap noticed that Maggie had a little Sugar Ray in her. Her was referring to Sugar Ray Leonard, a big name in boxing during the 1970s and 1980s.


During a longer fight, Maggie broke this body part, which Frankie somehow put back together. Which of Maggie's body parts did Frankie expertly fix?

Maggie got her nose broken. But Frankie knew how to fix it just enough to stop the bleeding to go on with the fight.


When Maggie started fighting, she easily got a reputation for ending her fights the same way. Which way was it?

A knockout is when a boxer punches the opponent hard and the person who is hit falls to the ground. The referee counts to 10 for the knockout opponent to stand. If no standing occurs, then the puncher wins.


Aside from having a reputation of winning via knockouts, Maggie was also known to knock out her opponents during this round.

While obviously silently impressed by Maggie’s ability to knock out her opponents during the first minute of the first round, Frankie reminds her to make the fight longer. "Isn’t that the point?” she counters, to which Frankie replied, "The point is to get good.”


Maggie’s first out-of-the-country fight took place in which European country?

Maggie felt good beating her opponent in England. She then got other fights all over Europe, earning her enough money and boxing credibility.


In between boxing and waitressing, Frankie asks Maggie if her restaurant employer serves this kind of pastry the authentic way. Which fruity, sour pastry is this?

Frankie seems to have a taste for lemon pie that’s really home-made, not one made with artificial canned products. Maggie brought him to her father's favorite diner with that kind of good lemon pie.


When she started to earn money, Maggie surprised her mother and bought her one of these.

Maggie went home to Missouri and surprised her mother and sister with a new house she bought for them. But instead of being happy, it dismayed her mom because she would lose her welfare checks if she owned property.


Since it’s obvious Maggie’s not close to her mother or siblings, she turned to Frankie to become the replacement of a favorite relative she lost early in life. Who was this relative?

Maggie started to bond with Frankie like a substitute father. And vice versa, since Frankie started to care for her like a daughter, in replacement of the one he lost.


Frankie finally agreed to a million-dollar prize fight for Maggie. In which famous city did this fight take place?

Boxing title fights are mostly fought in Las Vegas. Frankie wanted to fly there, and Maggie suggested they drive back.


What happened to Maggie during the Las Vegas title fight?

Maggie’s opponent gave her two illegal sucker punches, one which made her fall to the ground. She hit her head on the stool, breaking her neck in the process.


As a result of her Las Vegas accident in the ring, what happened to Maggie?

Doctors told Maggie that her spine was broken so badly that nothing could fuse it back together. She became paralyzed as a result and needed to be attached to a machine to breathe.


Contented with what she reached in her life, Maggie’s paralysis prompted her to ask Frankie for a request, which became a moral dilemma for him. What was this request?

Maggie couldn't stand being paralyzed, so she asked Frankie to do to her what her father had done to their disabled dog. He killed and buried the dog, and she wanted Frankie to be the one to let help her die.


When Maggie finally died, what did Scrap say happened to Frankie?

Scrap never saw Frankie go back to his own boxing gym after Maggie died. But we see Frankie eating in the ​diner where Maggie once took him for authentic homemade lemon pie.


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