Make Some Small Drunken Holiday Decisions and We'll Guess What Big Mistake You'll Make!

By: Teresa M.
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Let's get in the holiday mindset and pretend you've had a few drinks! Judging by your drunken decisions, we'll be able to tell you what big mistake you are heading towards this holiday season!

What will you be found doing at the office holiday party?

What part of the turkey do you like most?

Have you ever regifted anything?

Would you sip wine while preparing a holiday meal?

What do you usually do after Thanksgiving dinner?

Which of your relatives would you get into a drunken argument with?

What subject would you drunkenly bring up around the holiday table?

What do you like most about Christmas?

What gift would you take to the host of a holiday party?

What might you give as a last minute gift?

Which holiday film is your love life most like?

What are you most likely to do after leaving a party?

How will you get home from your holiday parties?

Would you ever spike the punch at a party?

How would you get the dance floor hopping at your work party?

What might you do when you are drunk that you would never do when you are sober?

What would you order for last call at a holiday party?

If you booked a holiday trip, where would you go?

Will you make holiday dinner this year?

What drink would you serve your guests?

How many glasses of hard cider will you drink at Christmas?

If you received a bottle of tequila for a gift, what would you do with it?

Have you ever pretended to be Santa?

What would be your job at the North Pole?

Which holiday mascot would you drunkenly volunteer to be?

What are you most likely to lose on your way home from a party?

How will you deal with your holiday hangover?

Which holiday sees you getting drunkest?

Do you ever get into drunken arguments?

What time do you wake up on Christmas morning?

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