Make Some Bad Parenting Decisions and We'll Guess How Many Kids You'll Have!

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When it comes to being a parent, none of us set out to make bad decisions, but all of us do. Being a parent is one of the hardest things in the world, and it's also one of the most important things too. As long as you are trying and doing your best, there is really no one way to do things. But with that said, there are always a bunch of things that we would like to have back as a parent when it comes to how we raise our kids.

You know what I am talking about; maybe you gave some advice to your kid that turned out to be awful, maybe you said it was okay for your kid to do something that totally blew up in your face, or maybe you tried to discipline your kid in a way that either made you feel awful afterward, or just plain old didn't work. Because the thing is, there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to parenting. But do questionable parenting decisions really have to do with how many kids you are going to have? There is only one way to find out and you're going to have to take this quiz.

The door bell rings, but you've got the baby in the bath tub, what's the first idea/solution that comes to mind?

Your 11-year-old child wants to host an unsupervised tea party with the neighborhood kids - what do you have to say?

You have an infant and a toddler and your partner wants to get a pet, do you agree to adopt one?

You've run out of formula, but there's some whole milk in the fridge, do you use it?

Your baby wears cloth diapers, but you can't get the Velcro to stick, so it keeps falling off. What do you use to fasten the diaper?

It's 9 p.m. and your 12-year-old wants chocolate to go with their pre-bed 30 minute TV show. Do you get them some?

At what age do you allow your children to cross busy streets without adult supervision?

Your 12-year-old kid wants to invite 14 classmates to their birthday party and sleepover. Is that okay with you?

It's a nice day out and you have to run inside the post office, but you have your infant triplets with you in the car and bringing them in will turn what should be a short trip into a wild adventure. What do you do?

Your 16-year old wants to take the family car for a weekend camping trip with their friends, but they just got done being grounded for underage drinking with those same friends. Do you allow them to go?

You have two toddlers of varying ages and abilities, and your partner wants to have another child within the next year. How do you feel about that?

Your 8-year old, who is already signed up for karate, piano lessons, soccer, and computer classes wants to start skateboarding lessons. What do you do?

Your 3-year old has gotten into the habit of demanding to sleep in your bed at night; how do you handle this?

Your 14-year-old used up the family's entire data plan in just two weeks and asks you to buy extra, do you?

Your 20-year old blew through their college fund spending money on everything but tuition. Do you bail them out?

Your 8-year old wants a data plan for their phone that's only supposed to be used in case of emergencies. Do you compromise?

Your 10-year old wants to go camping (unsupervised) at a nearby park with a group of their friends. Do you let them?

Your 6-year old wants a pet bunny and promises to personally take care of it. What do you think?

At what age would you feel comfortable leaving your child home alone?

Your mother insists that the proper way to burp a baby is by holding them upside down and and shaking them. Do you listen to her?

Your 15-year old asks for a beer at the family 4th of July BBQ - what's your answer?

Your 15-year old calls from basketball practice and says they've most likely broken their nose, but you're kinda busy with your soap operas. Do you go pick them up?

Your family doctor recommends physical therapy for your 6-year old, but it would be a pain getting them to their appointments. What do you to?

You find out your 17-year old has a small amount of marijuana in their bedroom. What do you do?

You know your 9-year old is faking sick to get out of going to school after having a long week involving missed homework assignments and behavioral demerits. What do you do?

You realize your kid has been stealing gnomes off the neighbors lawn. How do you handle this?

Your teenage child asks for $300 to go back to school shopping at the mall with friends. Is this a fair amount?

Your 12-year old breaks their PlayStation during a water gun fight in their room. Do you replace it?

Your 10-year old comes home and asks about a controversial current event. Do you talk to them about it?

Your 17-year old wants to drop out of high school to follow a touring band across the nation. What do you think?

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