Make a Starbucks Order and We'll Guess Which State You Live In

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Calling all coffee fans! Whether you know everything or very little about coffee, your preferences will tell us what state you currently live in. After all, certain states are known for how they take their coffee, but we're not going to give you those kinds of details just yet! For now, just tell us for what types of Starbucks drinks you fall head over lattes!

Starbucks is a well-known coffee chain that offers hot, iced and blended drinks, as well as baked goods. Fans love some of the more popular drinks, like the white chocolate mocha frappuccino and the iced caffe Americano. And if you really need a caffeine boost, an espresso con panna will always do the trick. 

It's also important to think about how sweet, mild or bitter you like your coffee. For example, a flat white is a fairly mild type of coffee drink at Starbucks, while the nitro cold brew is known for strong and bitter coffee notes. And if you're feeling hungry, Starbucks also offers a variety of protein bowls, baked treats and breakfast sandwiches for you to snack on. Tell us more about what you love at Starbucks so we can guess what state you live in!

When it comes to the drinks at Starbucks, do you tend to order coffee or tea?

Choose one of these Starbucks Refresher drinks to add some pep to your step.

Do you tend to stick to your favorites at Starbucks or do you like to try new menu items?

What is the best way to order coffee at Starbucks: hot, blended or iced?

Awaken your senses with one of these types of coffee roasts at Starbucks.

Which of these cold brew Starbucks coffee drinks will turn your frown upside down?

Matcha is a great way to indulge in a strong green tea flavor. Which of these Starbucks matcha drinks will you choose?

You're feeling a bit under the weather, which means it's time to order which of these hot teas at Starbucks?

You've got a coupon for a free Teavana Shaken Tea Infusion drink. Which of these will you choose?

Which of these Starbucks holiday drinks makes the Christmas season a little more merry?

Regular hot chocolate is a thing of the past! Your future consists of which of these Starbucks hot chocolate drinks?

You're feeling pretty stressed out lately, which means it's time for you to lighten up a little with which one of these Blonde Starbucks coffee drinks?

There are quite a few Starbucks around the world, and that means plenty of international menu items for you to try. Which of the following are you curious about?

Would you ever sip on just a shot of espresso or is that a little too strong for you?

Which of these Starbucks coffee drinks do you turn to when you need a much-needed energy boost?

You're in the mood for some extra sugar today. Which of these flavored syrups will you use to sweeten your Starbucks drink?

It's time for the battle of the iced drinks at Starbucks. Which of these ranks No. 1 to you?

Your friend just got fired from his job. Cheer him up with one of these Starbucks frappuccinos.

Are the pumpkin spice drinks at Starbucks a million-dollar idea or do they belong in the trash?

Which of these Starbucks drinks would you not be interested in trying at all?

There are actually many different sizes when it comes to Starbucks coffee drinks, including short and trenta. What size do you normally go for at Starbucks?

You can't leave Starbucks without ordering which of these delectable baked goods?

Show your friends and family some love by giving them one of these Starbucks cake pops.

It's lunch time and hunger has appeared to strike again. Which of these Starbucks protein boxes are you about to devour?

When it comes to protein bowls at Starbucks, which of these reigns supreme: the lentils, veggies and brown rice bowl or the chicken and quinoa protein bowl?

An empty stomach is no way to start your day! Choose one of these Starbucks breakfast items to fill that hungry void in your soul.

You have a coupon for a free sandwich at Starbucks. Which of these are you curious about trying?

You've got a light craving for some flavored yogurt at Starbucks. Toward which of these sweet treats are you leaning?

When you see someone order an iced caffè A​mericano, which of these thoughts runs through your mind?

Starbucks cravings can happen during any time of the day. When do your Starbucks cravings strike?

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