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Test your knowledge on one of TV's favorite character dramas, Mad Men!

What is the meaning behind the name "Mad Men"?

Mad men was a term coined for advertising executives who worked on Madison Avenue in New York.


How did Draper get his first job in the advertising industry?

Draper worked as a fur salesmen. He met Roger at the store.


Draper occasionally has flashbacks about his childhood. What do we find out about his sordid past?

Draper has flashbacks showing how difficult his life was as a child. After his father passed away, he grew up in a brothel with his stepmother.


Who used to be a secretary and now works as a copy writer?

Peggy started off as a secretary. She knew she was destined to do more once the executives started asking her opinion on women's products.


What is Betty's role in Don's life?

Betty and Don married young but their marriage ended in divorce.


How many children do Betty and Don have together?

During Don and Betty's marriage they had 1 girl and 2 boys.


What is the name of the first advertising agency Draper worked for?

Drapers advertising career first starts out at Sterling/Cooper. He was hired by Rodger Sterling himself.


Which characters have a scandalous affair ending in a pregnancy?

At the beginning of the first season Pete and Peggy have a short affair. Peggy is shocked to find out she is pregnant the day she gives birth to a baby boy.


What is Don Drapers real name?

John Hamm is the actor who plays Don Draper A.K.A. Dick Whitman on Mad Men.


How did Draper get his current name?

Dick, took the dog tags of the real Don Draper after Don's death. Don's tour in Korea was almost over and Dick took advantage to get out of serving any longer.


What event prolonged Don and Betty's marriage?

Betty discovered she was pregnant with her 3rd child and was forced to stay together with Don a little longer for appearances.


Who does Betty have a friendship with that turns borderline inappropriate?​

Glen is the neighbors son. He begs for a lock of Betty's hair while she was baby sitting him and his sister. His mother finds it and lets Betty know how wildly inappropriate it was to give it to him.


Was Pete and Peggy's son given up for adoption?

Pete and Peggy's son was given up for adoption. There were scenes that left audiences wondering whether her sister was taking care of him.


What was the name of the award show all top ad agencies were invited to every year?

The Clio Awards is a real award show and recognizes creative excellence in advertising, design and communication.


What do the executives do to celebrate a win at the office?

The execs like to pour a stiff glass of whiskey every time something good happens. Come to think of it, they like to drink when ever anything happens.


Who was the real Don Draper's wife?

Anna Draper was the wife of the real Don Draper who died in the Vietnam war. Anna and Dick (now Don) became close friends. She understood why Dick stole her deceased husbands identity.


What profession did Megan pursue after quitting her advertising job?

Megan pursued her acting career in Cali leaving her husband behind. The distance took a toll on their marriage and they eventually divorced.


Who struggled with his sexuality throughout the series?

Salvatore, was a talented Art Director. He created mock-ups of all the ad ideas presented to clients.


What outrageous​ event happened Peggy's new apartment?

Peggy, accidentally stabs her boyfriend in the chest after being scared that someone broke into her home.


Which executive commits suicide at the office?

Lane Pryce was caught embezzling money for the company to stay afloat in its early days. Draper loses all trust in Pryce and fires him. Pryce felt lost without his job and commits suicide. If you or someone you know struggles with suicidal thoughts, there is hel​p. Call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1(800) 273-8255 to reach a skilled, trained counselor 24/7.


What large company dropped their account with Rodger Stirling?

Lucky Strike is a real cigarette company that has been in business since 1871.


What horrible dream did Don have when he was sick?

Andrea, had affair with Don while he was married to Betty. Don was relieved to wake up and find he had not murdered Andrea.


Who did Joan marry?

As Joan explains how she has had many proposals in her life but not one quite as intriguing as the one from a doctor.


Whose baby does Joan end up having?

Joan, has an affair with Rodger when her husband is overseas helping soldiers in Vietnam. Joan ends up pregnant and decides to keep the baby.


Don left people behind when he decided to change his identity. Who ended up finding him and asked to be back in his life?

Adam Whitman, Don's biological half-brother, finds Don in New York in hopes of reconnecting with him. Don gives Adam a large sum of money to stay away and Adam ends up killing himself out of loneliness. If you or someone you know struggles with suicidal thoughts, there is help. Call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1(800) 273-8255 to reach a skilled, trained counselor 24/7.


Which of these relationships ended in divorce?

Don and Rodger can't seem to find the right girl. They are always looking for new women to be apart of their lives.


What years did Mad men cover throughout the series?

Mad men, covers the 1960's throughout the series lifetime.


Who is Betty's second husband?

Betty remarried a stable and predictable politician. Unlike Don, he is reliable and she could count on him to be there for her children.


What profession did Betty have before marrying Don?

Betty modeled before becoming a full time house wife and mother. Later on, she tries modeling again without much success due to Don's influence in the ad world.


What big real life events did Mad men cover throughout the series?

Mad Men was held at an exciting time in history. Some other big events include: the Vietnam war, M.L.K.'s assassination, and the moon landing.


Who did Peggy admit to loving in the series finally?

Stan and Peggy both worked as copy writers and enjoyed each others company.


What type of cancer does Betty develop?

Betty smoked cigarettes most of her adult life. When she started it was not yet known how cigarettes would affect peoples health.


Where does Don go in the series finally?

Don went to see Stephanie (Anna Draper’s niece) and ended up following her to a retreat in Cali that practiced yoga.


Why does Betty see a psychiatrist?

Don had a deal with the psychiatrist to let him know everything that went on during Betty's sessions. This would not legally happen in today's practices.


Don Draper is a memorable person. From which real world ad executive is his character based?

George Lois was a well-known advertising director in the 1960's.


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