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A hardline San Francisco detective, Lieutenant Bullitt (Steve McQueen), is at the center of the action when a witness needs protection. This story has shootings, murder, and one of the most exciting car chases in cinema.

What is the first hotel John Ross goes to after he leaves Chicago?

Ross is expecting a message at the hotel. When he doesn't get one, he gets into a taxi with a checklist.


Steve McQueen wanted authentic sets used. Which is NOT used as a real set in this movie?

All of the places in the movie are authentic. No sets were built. There is no zoo scene.


A hotel doorman spots Ross and makes a phone call reporting in. What does he report?

Ross gets into a cab driven by Weissburg (Robert Duvall). Bullitt later has the cab driver retrace Ross' ride.


John Ross is going to testify against his criminal brother. What is his brother's name?

In the opening scene, a close-up shot of the office door reveals both brothers' names. John is trying to escape hit men who are pursuing him.


What is in the rear window of the cab Ross gets into?

A bobblehead dog nods in the rear window as Ross drives away from the hotel.


Where does Bullitt's girlfriend, Cathy, work?

This was an actual workplace. Some of the extras were architects.


What is the subject of the article in a newspaper Delgetti rants about at Bullitt's apartment?

Delgetti is trying to get Bullitt to go to work. He's still in bed, and Delgetti picks up a newspaper to read while he's waiting.


Where is Lt. Bullitt when he accepts a job offer from Chalmers to guard a state's evidence witness?

Chalmers (played by Robert Vaughn) hires Bullitt and threatens him if he doesn't keep Ross safe. He tells him to have Ross in court on the following Monday.


What does Ross say he has brought with him (aside from his wallet) to the Hotel Daniel where he is in hiding?

Bullitt is very cautious and warns Ross not to go near the windows. When they get there, he and Delgetti inspect the room.


Cathy wants to know more about Bullitt's case. What does he tell her?

She responds with, "Anything you do is part of me."


Bullitt takes Cathy to dinner while Delgetti and Stanton take their guard shifts. Where does he dine?

The Coffee Cantata was an actual restaurant in San Francisco. They listen to jazz instrumentals while dining.


Stanton takes the second shift to guard Ross. What is Stanton's injury when hit men raid the hideout?

Bullitt rides with Stanton to the hospital in the ambulance, to ask him what he remembers. Stanton recalls a 5' 10" man with gray hair, using a Winchester pump.


What important detail does Stanton disclose to Bullitt about the assassination attempt on Ross?

Bullitt thinks Ross was expecting someone else. He becomes suspicious of Ross.


Who is the doctor in charge of Ross' surgery?

He gives Ross a 50-50 chance. Willard later cooperates with Bullitt to hide Ross' body.


How do Bullitt and his captain know there was a professional hit on Ross?

Bullitt's investigation moves in a new direction as he tries to figure out who wants Ross dead. Chalmers is no longer trusted.


What is Sam's (Bullitt's captain) advice regarding the Ross case?

The Captain plays a minor role in the movie. He doesn't get his hands too dirty.


A nurse gives Bullitt food while he waits at the hospital. What does she give him?

Bullitt is committed to staying at the hospital to check on Stanton's progress. He also wants to protect Ross.


Where in the hospital is the gray-haired hit man found?

Bullitt contacts Delgetti and they try to secure the building. Bullitt chases him in the basement, but he gets away.


How does Ross die?

Bullitt suggests Ross' body be moved to throw his enemies off. Chalmers isn't told and he becomes enraged with Bullitt.


After spending the night with Cathy, Bullitt prepares for work while she eats breakfast. What is she eating?

Bullitt doesn't stay to have breakfast with her because he has to get back to the case. He always seems to be running off to work.


In the famous car chase scene with the Dodge Charger and Ford Mustang, what color is Bullitt's car?

Bullitt drives the green Mustang. McQueen was a car collector and loved Porsches. In the latter years of his life, he became interested in motorcycles.


Bullitt meets an informant for information on Ross. Where does he meet him?

They strike a deal for the information. Eddie only needs a half hour to come up with background on Ross. Frank offers a favor in return.


How are the hit men eventually killed?

After an intense chase scene (considered one of the best in cinema), Bullitt bumps the car next to him enough that it loses control and heads straight for a gas station.


Where does Chalmers find Sam when he presents a habeas corpus to him?

Chalmers antagonizes the Captain and puts pressure on him with his family around.


Cathy witnesses one of Bullitt's crime scenes. What does she say to him about it?

Cathy has to drive Bullitt around because he needs a car. She is concerned that his cold exterior is a result of the things he faces on the job.


Who is Albert Renick?

Bullitt discovers the man he was trying to guard was never Ross, but a man name Renick. The real Ross tries to escape on a plane, but Bullitt chases him down.


What does Bullitt find odd about the luggage?

Bullitt starts to suspect that there are identity issues with Ross and Renick.


Bullitt stops by a grocery store and picks up several what?

There is always an internal conflict with Bullitt as he tries to live a normal life with Cathy in the midst of the murders and deaths he faces on the job.


What dangerous stunt does Bullitt execute while pursuing Renick?

He tries to run after Renick/Ross who runs across a busy runway where planes are in motion for takeoff.


The final scene shows Bullitt looking into the mirror, thinking about his career. The last shot is locked on what?

Bullitt reflects on his career as he takes off his gun and sets it down. Cathy is asleep in the next room.


Bullitt's character was based on real-life homicide officer, Dave Toschi. On what famous case did he work?

Toschi has worked on three movies related to the Zodiac Killer case: "Zodiac," "This is Zodiac," and "Zodiac Deciphered"


The movie is set in San Francisco. In what city is the book set?

"Mute Witness" was written in 1963 by writer Robert L. Fish. Fish wrote many books and short stories in the mystery/thriller/crime genre.


Bullitt busts into a newspaper machine on the street and grabs a paper. What is the headline?

The headline has nothing to do with the action of the plot.


What does the number 6 have to do with the car chase scene?

Four drivers were used for the scene. McQueen wanted to do all of his driving, but a few mishaps, and his wife's input, limited what he did.


Director Peter Yates orchestrated another famous car chase scene (15 minutes long) in what movie?

Yates began his career as a professional driver. He is not to be confused with David Yates who directed some of the Harry Potter movies.


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