Ladies: How Dateable Are You?

By Kennita Leon on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Ladies, let's face it - not every guy or gal we like will like us back, and that's okay. But sometimes, we could be shooting ourselves in the foot with the things we say and do on and off dates. And based on those actions, the people we go out with can either classify us as extremely dateable or not. So which one are you, and where exactly on the dateable scale do you fall? Let's examine this further.

If you're the kind of girl who smirks at everyone, talk down to waiters, and make your dates feel inferior, you would be classified as not dateable. But if you're the kind of girl who smiles at everyone, has a great sense of humor, witty banter and isn't afraid to give or receive a compliment, you're a dater's dream. Of course, it isn't always one or the other, that's why we're trying to figure where you fall. 

So, we're going to ask you a few questions about your dating and relationship habits, the way you carry yourself, as well as what you like and can't stand, to determine just how dateable you are. If you're as curious as we are, it's time to start this quiz. 

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