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How well to you remember those college years? It's time to head back to college with this Felicity Quiz. Think you can ace it or will you be back in class?

Felicity was produced by Touchstone Television and Imagine Television for which TV network?

The WB broadcast Felicity for the entirety of its series.


In which year did Felicity premiere?

Felicity premiered on September 29, 1998.


For how many seasons did Felicity run?

Felicity ended on May 22, 2002 which corresponded well with the traditional 4 years of college.


Each season of Felicity was portrayed as a new _______ for Felicity.

Season 1 was her freshman year, Season 2 was her sophomore year, etc.


Which famous actress plays the role of Felicity?

Keri Russell won a Golden Globe Award for her role as Felicity.


What is Felicity's last name?

Her full name was Felicity Elizabeth Porter.


As the series opens, what is Felicity celebrating?

The tagline of the show is, "She's about to make the best mistake of her life."


Who does Felicity have a crush on in high school?

At graduation, she asks Ben to sign her yearbook and he tells her he wishes he had gotten to know her better while they were in high school.


Where was Felicity supposed to attend college before she changed her mind?

She was going to be a pre-med student, but that all changed!


Instead of going to Stanford, where does Felicity run off to?

She decides to follow her crush Ben to New York, without a plan!


When Felicity arrives in New York, she realizes that it's less about Ben and more about...

She needs to separate from her over-bearing parents a bit and discover her true self.


Where is Ben Covington from?

Felicity is also from Palo Alto.


Ben has a lot of conflict with his...

Ben's father is an alcoholic and is played by actor John Ritter.


What is the name of the college that Felicity attends?

This is a fictional version of the New York University. The real NYU refused permission for the show to use its name.


Which actor plays the role of Ben Covington?

Scott Speedman appeared in all 84 episodes of Felicity and was nominated for 3 times for a Teen Choice Award for his role.


Who is Felicity's first real friend at UNY?

Julie Emrick is Felicity's first friend in college, despite the fact that she falls for Felicity's love interest Ben!


What is the name of Felicity's Resident Advisor sophomore year?

Noel Crane is played by Scott Foley who appeared in all 84 episodes of Felicity.


Felicity loves Ben; Noel loves ______.

When Felicity vents to Noel about her love for Ben, he feels conflicted because he has developed feelings for her!


Noel's long-distance girlfriend Hannah was played by which famous actress?

Though she only appeared in 3 episodes, Jennifer Garner was actually married to Scott Foley (Noel) for 4 years. They met on the set of Felicity.


Who is Felicity's first lab partner who lives on her dorm floor?

Elena Tyler is portrayed by actress Tangi Miller. She was a main cast member appearing in 70 of the 84 episodes.


Which of the following characters is not actually a student at UNY?

Sean Blumberg is in his mid-late twenties. He owns the loft and is roommates with Ben during season 1.


Julie comes to New York to find...

Julie hires a private detective, who successfully locates her birth mother.


Julie is a talented musician. Which instrument does she play?

Come to find out, Julie's birth mother is also a talented guitar player.


To whom did Felicity lose her virginity?

Eli was an art student who was played by Simon Rex, formerly an MTV VJ known as Dirt Nasty. He appeared in 4 episodes of Felicity.


Who is Elena's boyfriend who cheats on her with her best friend?

Elena dates Blair for the first half of freshman year until Felicity catches him with Elena's best friend!


After the first season, what did Felicity do to alter her appearance?

Her new pixie haircut was NOT well-received by the fans!


What was the name of the coffee shop where Felicity and Ben worked?

Dean & DeLuca is a real chain of upscale grocery stores, the first one was established in NYC SoHo district in 1977.


What is the name of Felicity and Ben's boss at Dean & DeLuca?

Javier Clemente Quintata is played by Ian Gomez - he was a recurring cast member for seasons 1-3 and became a main cast member for season 4.


Who is Felicity's goth wiccan roommate while living in the dorm?

Meghan Rotundi is the polar opposite of Felicity and often at odds, but by the end of the series they have come to be close friends!


Meghan refers to living with Felicity as like watching a television set only plays which show?

Meghan is played by Amanda Foreman and appeared in 67 episodes. She often tries to use her magic on Felicity.


Who does Meghan marry in season 4?

Sean and Meghan start dating in season 2. They get married in season 4 seemingly impulsively.


Including commercials, what was the running time of each episode of Felicity?

The actual show was between 42-45 minutes, plus commercials and filled a 1-hour slot on Tuesdays at 9:00pm, then moved to Sundays at 8:00pm.


Which character has an affair with her much older professor?

Elena had an affair with Dr. McGrath.


Who doesn't appear to have a job throughout the entire series of Felicity?

Sean doesn't seem to have a job, though his entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well throughout the show - by way of various food creations.


Which character is killed in a car accident in season 4?

Her character remains alive, however, because of Felicity's time travel from time to time.


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