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By: Carrie Atwood
Image: ABC

About This Quiz

Do you remember the name of the Brady family's housekeeper? Or, that family dog that mysteriously disappeared after a few seasons? Think you can name all six Brady kids — in order? Prove your Brady Bunch IQ with this quiz inspired by the classic show!

Show creator Sherwood Schwartz got the idea for "The Brady Bunch" from a 1965 "L.A. Times" article. As he was skimming the paper one day, he noted a statistic suggesting that around a third of all marriages in the '60s involved people who had at least one child from a previous marriage. Of course, at the time, the happy nuclear family dominated TV — but Schwartz saw an opportunity to reflect changing social and cultural norms, and thus "The Brady Bunch" was born.

The series ran for five seasons from 1969 to 1974, and lives on in syndication decades after the final episode aired. No one knows if the show would have been as popular if Schwartz's original picks for Mike and Carol Brady — Gene Hackman and Joyce Bulifant — played the lead roles, but it's clear that Robert Reed and Florence Henderson were a hit. 

Think you know all there is to know about the story of the Bradys? Take our quiz to find out!

Name the Brady kids from oldest to youngest:

What was Alice's boyfriend's occupation?

What illness do all six of the Brady kids have at the same time?

What happened to Greg, Peter and Bobby's biological mother?

Finish this sentence: "Mom always says…"

Why does Marcia exclaim "Oh, my nose!"?

Which of the Bradys famously complains "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"?

Why did Jan steal someone's bicycle from the park?

What was Mike Brady's occupation?

Which of the Brady boys went on to marry the season 1 winner of "America's Next Top Model" in real life?

What happened to Marcia, Jan and Cindy's biological dad?

What is Carol Brady's last name before becoming a Brady?

What is the name of Cindy Brady's favorite doll that she wrongfully accuses Bobby of stealing?

What does cosmetics giant Beebe Gallini want Mike Brady to design her new factory to look like?

In Season 1 Episode 12, why might Carol Brady not be able to sing at church on Christmas Day?

Which of the original Brady Bunch cast did not appear in the 1995 Brady Bunch movie?

What were two of Cindy Brady's signature features?

When the family travels to Honolulu, what does Bobby find at Mike Brady's construction site?

Which famous actor played the paranoid archologist convinced that the Brady boys were trying to steal the rights to the burial grounds to which they were trying to return the tiki idol?

Which of the original Brady Bunch cast did not appear in the 1990 TV series "The Bradys"?

How many Brady Bunch movies were made?

The most well-known Brady pet is Tiger, the family dog. But what other pet does the Brady family have?

What world record to Bobby and Cindy set out to break?

Which teen heartthrob does Marcia promise will perform at the school prom?

Who was Oliver?

What is the "cousin Oliver" syndrome in Hollywood?

Jan, tired of always being in Marcia's shadow, does what to change her appearance when getting ready to go to Lucy Winters' birthday party?

What year did the first episode of "The Brady Bunch" air?

Which of the original Brady cast chose to not appear in "The Brady Bunch Hour" variety show that aired in 1976-1977?

What does Mike's boss send him as a gift?

When Peter tries to create a new personality for himself modeled off of Humphrey Bogart, what does he adopt as his new catchphrase?

Which famous football player does Bobby brag to his friends that he knows?

Why do the Brady kids build a giant house of cards?

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