Is Your Significant Other a Gold Digger?

By: Brian Whitney
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No matter how cool your significant other is, relationships are a very tricky thing, especially when it comes to finances. You might be with a person who is your best friend in the world, you might be super attracted to them, and you might have been in this relationship for years, but if you say that money is never an issue in your relationship, we're not sure if we would believe you. It always is!

While even in the best of relationships money is always an issue, it is even more so if you think that your partner is actually using you for your money, and is only with you because of the fact that you have a lot of it,  or at least partially. Because even though a lot of people say that love is what makes the world go around, a lot of other people think that it is money that is the most important thing in life.

That whole "for richer or poorer" is a lot harder than it sometimes seems, because if you are with someone that loves you when you are going through hard times financially, then you really have hit the jackpot, at least when it comes to finding true love. But hey, even in the best of relationships, a little extra cash never hurts right? Let's find out where you stand with this quiz!

When you go out to dinner, who buys?

Have you taken your significant other for a vacation?

Do you like to buy people presents for no reason?

Does your significant other use coupons?

Who covers the rent?

Who pays most of the bills?

How often does your significant other talk about money?

How often does your significant other ask you to buy things for them?

Who makes more money?

Do you get nagged to get a job where you make more money?

How loaded are you?

Does your significant other ask you about your investments?

Does your significant other talk a lot about expensive things?

Do you get asked about how much things you own cost?

Does your significant other ever spend your money?

Do you ever pay credit card bills for things they bought?

Does the person you are with act helpless often?

How trendy is your significant other?

Do you ever worry that they will get mad if you don't spend enough on them on special occasions?

How broke would your significant other be if you split up?

Does your significant other stay home and take care of the kids?

How often do they take you out for a bite?

Is your significant other a lot younger than you?

Do you get bossed around a lot by them?

Were all of their exes loaded?

How would your significant other describe Paris Hilton?

Does your significant other like bling?

Does your significant other think that money solves problems?

Is your significant other ever satisfied?

What is a word to describe your significant other?

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