Is Your Guy a Keeper?

Brian Whitney

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So you finally met that guy who it seems might be the man of your dreams. Sometimes looks can be deceiving though, so the question remains, is your guy a keeper?

You had a bad day at work. What does he do?

What does your best friend think about him?

Is he a financially stable?

How does he treat service people?

How does he treat you at parties?

How does he act when you are sharing a pizza?

How possessive is he?

What does your family think of him?

Does he mind you being alone?

Does he ever say you are acting crazy?

Does he make you feel beautiful?

Does he have female friends?

Does he text you a lot when you are not around?

Does he try and act cool around you, or does he let him be himself?

Is he impatient when you are getting ready?

Does he ever flirt in front of you?

What does he do after he has done something wrong?

What does he do after you have done something wrong?

Does he have a lot of other interests other than you?

Does he talk like you are part of the future?

How Romantic is he?

Does he leave the seat up?

What do his exes Think about him?

Is he capable of change?

Is he aware of your needs in bed?

Has he introduced you to the people in his life?

Does he value your opinion?

How does he do with your birthday present?

Do you ever get bored hanging out with him?

Do you worry about your relationship?

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