Is He/She Really That Into You?


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Sometimes it's really hard to tell if someone you like likes or loves you back. They send mixed signals or sometimes we aren't able to read them properly. So is he/she really that into you?

Do you often find your crush staring at you?

Does your crush tease you?

Do they make eye contact with you?

How often do the two of you talk?

Are they happy when you two meet up?

Does this person make time for you?

How often does he or she break their promises to you?

Have you ever met their friends?

What about their parents?

Have they ever spoken down to you?

What about embarrassed you in public?

Have they ever flirted with someone else in your presence?

Are they subject to random mood swings when they’re with you?

What time of day do you two usually hang out?

Has this person ever posted a picture of you on their social media?

How easy is it to make conversation with them?

Do they often seem distracted when they’re talking to you?

How long do they usually take to text you back?

Has you boo ever cheated on an ex of theirs?

Has this person ever asked you out?

Do they make plans to meet up with you?

Do they compliment you?

Are you comfortable around them?

Have they ever told you anything personal about themselves?

Is there lots of passion and chemistry between the two of you?

Have they ever initiated PDA with you?

Do you get the butterflies when you’re around them?

Does the person in question make you feel special?

Have you ever spoken about what the two of you need in a relationship?

Do you think that the two of you would make a great couple? Be honest.

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